Sunday, 11 May 2014


I am not defending the Nigerian government, I honestly know little about the place and am pro-actively learning about it before I make any comments about the government, and all the issues. 

However, there is a clear pattern by which 'western' brain washing is succeeding in dehumanising all Asian and African leaderships of all kinds IN ORDER TO justify in the minds of our people that that leadership and connected to that, that land and people kinda deserved the utter Syria-Libya-Soalia-Iraq style destruction and had it coming to them. 

ENOUGH of the hating on our leaderships. Seems that ALL western/westernised radicals and a few foolish people in the Homelands do. ENOUGH of cussing out India, South Africa, Kenya, Malaysia, China, Korea, Algeria, DR Congo and on and on it goes! 

If you are not in these countries and fighting the west and uniting your peoples in that quest, than really NO ONE has any right apart from the right that white supremacy and neo-colonialism grants you in order to rail against these countries. Yes, these countries have major problems (err DUH! centuries of colonial genocide and looting and then continuing and further neo-colonial wars kinda takes longer than 50 or 60 years to undo and defeat!) but your 'criticisms' banded about loudly ONLY benefits the enemy. 

The ONLY useful thing you and we can do is first understand the ever complex approaches of neo-colonialism and white supremacy against the entire GlobalSouth and sections/countries/regions of it and put your sole focus and energy to that. Criticism let alone dumb cussing outside of internal contexts out of the eyes and ears of the enemy is frankly a revolutionary crime. 

I say that cos TOO MANY of our peoples and Homelands have been destroyed by one of the central means of neo-colonial war. The amount of ignorant half0baked SHIT I have heard especially on India and South Africa in recent weeks ALL fed in so many ways by white supremacy/neo-colonialism is amazing. No study, no understanding: no right to speak (Mao). "The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in a period of moral crisis maintain their neutrality... There comes a time when silence is betrayal" - Dr MLK Jr. 

However, its not even silence, its loudly siding with the enemy with a 'radical' brown and black cloak. THIS is the central allies of the enemy we are facing, THESE are the people who have greased the war empire war machine in Libya, Syria, Mali, Zimbabwe and many more. ENOUGH!

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