Monday, 12 May 2014


In the observer today: "Mopping up the weapons set loose in the region following the fall of Muammar Gaddafi should be an urgent priority. It is notable that Boko Haram militants now operate in armoured personnel carriers and boast a set of advanced weaponry that has emboldened its cadres. Devising ways to take away this weaponry and to secure the vast stockpiles that remain in the hands of militias in Libya is essential." (

Gaddafi himself warned of this as did the anti-nato forces from feb 2011 onwards. And it was this same media representing the 'west' and their hangers on who turned Libya into the warren for the hunting of Black peoples skins by nato's death squads, and turned Libya into a launch pad for further trauma as we are seeing across the Sahel and surrounding African regions.

Another piece in the observer today lobbying for Libya style imperialist intervention. This indicates that the military assistance that the Nigerian govt has asked of the brits and yanks is far from what the latter want, while they are responsible for the historic and current mess in Nigeria in many ways including looting of the Niger Delta, fostering divisions of every kind, fomenting terrorism across the region (see above quote on Libya) and much more: " [ this is in advocating 'r2p' in Nigeria, ie., Libya style nato bombing] It would be good if Britain, despite the recent past and the legacy of Blairite intervention, could take a lead in promoting a genuine, and trusted, debate over the future of intervention now that Nato-led troops are being withdrawn from Afghanistan." (

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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