Friday, 30 May 2014


Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm

5 points on how western media is focusing on the deeply depraved stoning to death of Farzana Parveen outside Lahore courts in Pakistan and the gang rape and killing of two teenagers in a village in Uttar Pradesh in India:

1 - Both these incidents show the deep problems of anti-women/girl violence/sexual violence in the Homeland, something which our peoples are working on and need to find justice through mobilsing the grassroots.

2 - The west have no right to make any comment on this in the white supremacist and colonial way they are. They looted and emptied undivided India of its wealth for centuries, then divided our land, both acts and more which has directly pushed against conditions conducive to our peoples addressing these and other challenges.

3 - Peoples should see that despite some of our own internalising colonial divide and rule/ruin strategies, that the european enemy hates us the same, look at their depiction of both Indian and Pakistani peoples (with many media reports putting both incidents in the same article etc), despite we are of different faiths, the enemy hates us and moves against us the same.

4 - While william hague and angelina jolie are heading a british state-backed conference on sexual violence in conflicts in london, the brits and european powers have directly helped violence against women by their actions and alliances and use of death squads in the wars in Libya, Syria, Mali, Afghanistan and elsewhere.

5 - Our peoples are in different forms of Resistance in the Homelands, while the west is trying to depict our peoples protesting these incidents as somehow in line and harmony with eurocentric loyalties (some of these NGOs *are* funded and loyal to their imperialist masters like george soros, ned etc), much of them are not and are moving in the interests of our peoples.

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