Wednesday, 28 May 2014


10 reasons why prince charles equating Putin with hitler is so wrong and offensive:

Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm

1, Putin, as well as Russians, identify closely with the Soviet war against nazi germany.

2, Soviets sacrificed more than all other european ppls put together in their victorious fight against fascism with over 20 million martyrs

3, While prince charles talks silly to a Polish Jew, fact is that Soviet Red Army liberated more jews from hitherto nazi oppression, Soviet liberated more death camps than anyone else.

4, prince charles' country was 'appeasing' hitler (official policy) and encouraged hitler to war against the Soviets, Stalin and Soviet leadership called that bluff signed a peace deal with hitler and then for a short time (1939-1941) hitler warred on the west not on the east, hitler conquered nearly every euro country no probs cos they were so rotten with pro-nazi forces in their state's, until 1941 when brits n yanks very late in the day decided to ally with Soviets against axis powers (hitler-italy-spain-Japan), with the Soviets (and Chinese) doing most of the fighting and sacrifice.

5, The brits have invaded, occupied and conducted more genocide than anyone else on the planet ever, much more so than hitler.

6, brits STILL today along with yanks and french still are carrying on with hitler's legacy in being *the* purveyors of violence in the world, overthrowing, invading other countries in a white supremacist framework. Who's the hitler followers again???

7. brits continuing hitler's direct policy of attacking the "bolshevik jew" (ie., Russian/Soviet-led world resistance against the 'west'), by teaming up with nearly every pro-hitler force in the world in every region. For eg: old fascists in every continent who hold hitler as their most respected and inspirational figure (Ukraine, Chile, 'middle east'/Gulf monarchies etc).

8, hitler only learned from the brits how to conduct genocide, except according to white imperialist europe he did genocide against the 'wrong people', ie., he did it against white europeans when, according to the entire west, its fine as long as done only on 'non-whites'/Black n Brown people.

9, hitler's propaganda chief - goebbels - strategy of repeating a lie so often that it becomes truth, is one of THE methods used by the brits and their yank and french allies to achieve their hitlerite goals today.

10, The brits are part of the current axis powers who are threatening, invading, destroying countries just as hitler did, and the Russians, Chinese and BRICS, NAM and other GlobalSouth formations and peoples are, like the second world war, increasingly in a life or death struggle against the modern day nazis. Like the Red Army and Soviet and Chinese peoples if we develop the quality of leadership, mass organisation, ideological clarity and military/army loyalty, we will raise the victory flag just as the Red Army did over the reichstag in that perhaps the most iconic picture of the 20th century

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