Wednesday, 2 April 2014


RIP Franky Knuckles. House music once fused with the condition of Black, Asian and working class youth in london and england in the late 1980s  produced unique results in the birth to genres such as 'Hardcore', 'Garage', 'Junglist, 'DnB', 'Grime' and so on, and Hip-Hop in the context of Black, 'Latino', and working class youth borne out of nyc. 

All of these genres can be traced back to early House, and House back to disco and funk, RnB, Blues and so on, to the traditions of Black resistance and survival in amerikka. However, due to the collapse of actual resistance, House and its subsequent genres are in harmony with the dominant ideology and anti-ethic, and is a pit of decadence and parasitism. 

But hey, someone's gotta provide the 'partying' outlet to the world's biggest parasites! ie., us in the metropolitan centres of the 'west'. I used to emcee for a decade to in the Garage and DnB scenes. Its a load of utter crap. - Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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