Friday, 11 April 2014


Putin renews Russia's backing to Syria in message to Assad

DAMASCUS, April 2 (Xinhua) -- Russian President Vladimir Putin has reiterated Moscow's backing to support Syria in a message sent to his Syrian counterpart, the official SANA news agency reported on Wednesday.

The message was given to President Bashar al-Assad on Wednesday by a visiting delegation of the Russia-based Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society, headed by the society's chairman Sergei Stepashin.

In the message, Putin expressed his country's determination to continue supporting Syria in its war against "international terrorism" that he claimed was "backed" by some Western and regional countries.

Assad voiced his appreciation for Russia's "firm stance," according to SANA.

The Syrian president underscored the important role Russia is currently playing on the international arena, saying it "clearly contributes to drawing up a new map for a multi-polar world that achieves international justice and serves the interest of the countries."

Assad added that the Syrian people have no choice but to achieve victory in their war against "terrorism," adding that the victory could be achieved through "sticking to the diversity, moderation and intellectual enlightenment that have characterized the Syrian society throughout the decades."

Russia has emerged as the main international ally of the Syrian government, shielding Damascus from three UN resolutions that could have paved the way for foreign intervention in the war-torn country.

Syria has witnessed the killing of over 100,000 people the displacement of millions since opposition first started protests in 2011, which spiraled into a bloody military conflict between the Syrian army and armed rebels.

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