Wednesday, 2 April 2014


China Faces Years Of Double-Digit Wage Increases, Currency Appreciation

By James Stuart

"Made in China? Oh no, I cant buy that, those poor people, sooo exploited, I refuse to contribute to it, I will never buy anything from that capitalist hell hole" whines the well meanging liberal prick.

But the thing is, the average workers wage increases at 15-25% per annum in the People's Republic of China.

So, how much did your wages go up last year? Or over the last five years. Because in the last five years wages for Chinese workers have risen between 75 to 100%. Do you get paid 100% more than you did in 2009? Tens of millions of workers in China do. (Although more contextually relevant might be to ask what how much did they rise in India or Bangladesh last year?)

And since the economy in the PRC is growing at around 8% per year, there is only one place that extra money for those hundreds of millions of workers can come from, and that is straight out of the bosses profits, ie they are taking home an increasing share of the fruits of their own labour.

Enabled by law, enforced by unions. When was the last time your government passed laws compelling your boss to meet your pay demands? Or decided that the minimum wage should increase by 23% in one year? And when was the last time your union bothered doing anything to make sure it happened?

China Faces Years Of Double-Digit Wage Increases - 2011

China province raises minimum wage by 23% - 2011

China labour costs soar as wages rise 22% - 2011

China sets target of average 13 percent annual minimum wage rise - 2012

Apple workers in China get 25 per cent pay rise - 2012

Chinese wages see double-digit growth - 2012

China promises rise in minimum wage to close income gap - 2013

Even as Wages Rise, China Exports Grow - 2014

So yeah, buy that 'Made In China' stuff with pride, knowing you are doing your bit to help raise the living standards of 1.4 billion people, and knowing that year on year, more and more of what you paid for it goes back to the workers whose labour made it. That is how socialism is built in real life, on the ashes of a vanquished feudalism, fascism and colonial degradation; year on year, decade by decade; patiently, deliberately and planned for the long term, once you found out the short cuts to utopia did not work.

And if you don't like it, lefty, well, do you think anyone in China gives a shit what you think when no one in your own country, hell, not even anyone down your local, takes you seriously?

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