Thursday, 27 March 2014


Africa hasnt sold out, eurocentric radicals and lefties sold out Africa!
Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm

Why did Africa through the 1980s become subjected to concerted white supremacist imperialist genocidal war such as:

manufacturing and manipulating 'civil wars', 'aids', 'structural adjustment programs' (debt bondage of the imf and world bank)?

Part of the reason might be because Africa through the 1970s and 80s going into the 1990s had some of the most radical mass based revolutionary socialist movements allied to Global alliances (Cuba, India, USSR, Socialist East Europe, Yugoslavia, China etc), MORE THAN ANY OTHER REGION *at that time*, and as such was a major region to destroy.

Have they been successful in this oppressive project? To some extent, yes:

aids is rampant in Africa than other regions, HOWEVER, along with other regions of the GlobalSouth (esp India) Africa is fighting for free/cheap medicines with the resistance of the 'west';

yes in the sense that Africa is riven with violent sectarian divisions manfactured and nurtured by the 'west, HOWEVER African Union and other regional bodies of Africa are trying to address 'civil wars' (such as SADC, AU in Somalia, etc): it;

yes in the sense that Africa has some of the poorest regions of the planet (however, India has more abject poverty than all of Africa), HOWEVER, Africa since circa 2000 has been engaged in growing fairer economic relations with the ascendant GlobalSouth esp China which is facilitating a strategic victory against the imf and 'world bank'.

Finally, they have won this project against Africa as they have achieved a break of support and loyalty towards the *on-going* liberation movement of the Liberation movements of Africa from their 'western' based support that they had before the 1990s. Our work in the 'west' is to re-build this support and loyalty towards Zanu, Anc, Swapo, Frelimo, Mpla, and many more no matter how complex and *apparently* these organisations don't have the *rhetoric* they had of yesteryear.

There is NO BREAK between GlobalSouth or African Liberation Struggle before the 1990s and after, what has changed is the failures of Unity-oriented conceptualisation of 'west'-based activists who have internalised the white supremacist imperialist project and projected out to Africa in calling these organisations 'sell outs'. No, perhaps those accusing are the sell outs themselves?

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