Tuesday, 4 March 2014


If one looks closer at the way the 'west' have played up 'big man' talk against Russia/Putin, and now are looking so silly and finding ways to back down and save face, some interesting things reveal themselves.   

Our side in the GlobalSouth don't have to do it like the old days with direct military confrontations with the 'west', and really should not as we have developed better means to achieve asymmetrical methods to attain equalisation with white supremacy/imperialism. 

For example, it has come out in the mainstream that british regime are terrified that if the yanks successfully get countries from europe (including britain) to put sanctions on Russia, Russia will pull the plug on its oligarchs investment in london putting the brits into an almighty plunging financial crisis, hence the brits really dont wanna do that, hence they looking for a way out from confrontation with Russia.  

Germany dont wanna piss off Putin/Russia too much either cos around 40% of its gas supplies comes from Russia.   

And also it has been reported in the mainstream that if the yanks dare put any sanctions on Russia then Russia is threatening to drop the dollar as its reserve currency and refuse to service debts to the yanks.   

Similarly China has the biggest dollar reserves on the planet. Now while this all *does* mean that the Russia and China's economies are tied up with that of empire, what is ALSO means is that in a show down between us and the war pigs, our side have a great strategic advantage.   

In the final analysis this will NOT stop the west from developing its war with us, they will, but what it does is that it buys us a considerable amount of time and advantage in the short to mid term to close the gap between us and the 'west' economically and militarily. This should NOT be interpreted as any suggestion that our side has to be lax, quite the opposite, we need to develop unity between the masses (in their broad interests) and our armies and political leaderships, unite our regions Globally in a united strategy and build build build our military capacity to develop, in the strategic mind and planning of Muammar al-Gaddafi, the common military defence pact of the South, a South Atlantic Treaty to match to defeat nato.  

This is not the 1960s and 1970s however much that era was so great (esp the solid all round political revolutionary leadership the united world Resistance against imperialism and for socialism gave us) but in these new conditions our side has developed some excellent new approaches, and the 'Socialism of the 21st Century' (to use Hugo Chávez's phrase) also requires revolutionaries to develop understanding appropriate to our times and develop it further to sharpen our ideological war which informs our strategic Wars of Liberation.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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