Thursday, 27 March 2014


Criticism in public towards our struggles does nothing for us

Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm

"Critical and/or conditional support to GlobalSouth struggles": The idea that an open/public critical/conditional support to ANY actually existing struggles against white supremacy imperialism is somehow helpful, is in all reality a colonial-leaning and colonial-benefiting conceit and arrogance. Criticisms of our camp are important in general but in strict avoidance of the ears and eyes of the enemy, we should develop appropriate and ethical (ie., non-arrogant critical engagement) interaction with our allies in the GlobalSouth, its an aside that who on the earth is anyone to criticise when they themselves are not doing the hard work of the GlobalSouth!

The reality is that 'criticisms' and 'conditionality' are masks for unwittingly joining in the colonial posturing AGAINST the struggle against neo-colonialism/imperialism/white supremacy etc.

All the while the GlobalSouth collective struggle is THE ONLY REAL force that buoys up ALL the radicalism in the 'west', whether western based pplls like it or not, and also even if they people posture on radicalism or make careers out of radicalism past or present, its the CURRENT ACTUAL GlobalSouth revolution against imperialism which buoys them up!

Criticising our side does nothing to help our struggle, whereas it serves as an echo chamber for the enemy. One surely positively and critically develop support for our side, but there is a very thin line between developing loyalty to our side with critical thinking, and critical thinking just feeding enemy prejudices: nearly EVERYONE who engages in 'conditional/critical' support falls into the latter category.

In a world where the 'west' still has overwhelming hard power (military) and soft power (culture and ethics) is in the control and direction of the 'colonial matrix of power', developing anything but a rigorous intellectual, moral/ethical (spiritual, even), political loyalty to our cause is only helpful in one way: towards the enemy.

Reflect on how being 'critical' is no use to us, but is a colonial-privilege-seeking (no doubt subconsciously and unintentionally often) or given posture to give distance between oneself and the 'great unwashed' 'mad dogs' 'uncultured' 'ridiculous' 'dictators' of the world, ie., those who are besmirched as such by the 'greatest purveyors of violence on the planet' (Dr MLK Jr) the regimes of london, paris and washington. colonial hegemony is a mind-games colossus which like water finds the tiniest cracks and seeps through, similarly colonial hegemony tricknology is ever present and potent in its corruption of us and will find the tiniest fracture and pour into it empire poison. Intelligence, ethical righteousness, and LOYALTY to ours is what we need.

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