Tuesday, 11 March 2014


[Bob Crow and I pictured in Oct 2009 when I went to do an interview shoot 
with him with some young people and my colleague Yannis]

RIP The Great Bob Crow. What a tragic shame he passed away at only 52yrs old.

He was EASILY the best trade union leader england has had since the great and still alive Arthur Scargill.

Bob Crow said what he felt without worrying about what anyone else thought.

He brilliantly defended the members of his union the RMT. I remember him saying at a anti-capitalist rally in 1999 that people must oppose the bombing of Yugoslavia/Serbia, just a shame he was generally silent on the nato bombing of Libya in 2011.

He was in the same party as me in the late 1990s/early 2000s - Arthur Scargill's Socialist Labour Party, for whom I was national student organiser.

All other trade union leaders in england are absolute ignorant useless weaklings compared to him. As my brother just said to me just now: "that's it, england is done, finished.". He has a point, trade union movement is basically finished without leadership like Bob Crow's, he set the standard, here's hoping against all odds that england produces more leaders like Crow and Scargill. In all honesty, probably best to find that across the border in Scotland.

Bob Crow, you were an amazing man. I wished you lived another 52 years.

Love and respect to his family and comrades.

I hope the best of ours stay fit and healthy for many many many decades of struggle against imperialism and white supremacy.

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