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Learn about the secret history of Leopoldo López, the CIA and what they want for Venezuela


They have in common the U.S. General David Petraeus, the former director of the CIA who recently resigned, and Leopoldo López Mendoza, head of the fascist hordes seeking to put an end to the work of Chavez? Both are linked to the Kennedy School of Government of Harvard University, a well-known breeding ground for officers of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Many elements in the life of Lopez, in addition to his current coup provocateur activity, is linked it to U.S. intelligence agencies. Son of a family that always thrived in the higher spheres of right-wing political fauna, from a young age he identified with the United States and elites of the imperial universe.

Typical bourgeois upbringing – those who grow over-protected behind the walls of opulent mansions in the most exclusive neighborhoods of Caracas – Lopez was sent by his family, at age 18, where the privileged send their heirs to buy a future.


So, in 1989, the young Lopez landed at the very exclusive Kenyon College in Ohio from which where he will discover his new homeland. Almost five years was spent in this prestigious institution reserved for the rich: the annual cost of the academic prestige to rises today to 60,000 (sixty thousand) dollars from Uncle Sam, a real fortune.

The CIA does not recruit its people among the poor. Kenyon College, is known to have CIA control elements among teachers whose task is to identify students who might be useful to the “company”.

The years of the era of the cold war, referred to the famous case of the poet John Crowe Ransom, which was considered by the CIA as an ‘active agent’ when he taught at Kenyon College, according to experts in the field.

Its literary magazine, Kenyon Complete Review, has great influence among intellectuals, was even funded by the Agency for purposes of penetration of this world of difficult access. There is evidence that Ransom was helping recruit potential employees for the CIA among students. One student of Ransom, Robie Macauley, belonged to the roster of the Agency when Ransom worked as editor for the magazine.

Such prestige Kenyon has that Michael Morrell, number two of the “company”, chose to pronounce his retirement there. Among other things, Morell talked with students of torture, specifically of near-drowning (waterboarding).

It is hard to believe that Lopez, coming from a wealthy Latin American family, was not monitored and signed by the “assets” of Kenyon.

It cannot be by chance that Lopez then reappears at the Harvard University – another nightclub for those who have money – and specifically in the Kennedy School of Government, where he earned a master’s degree in public policy in 1996.

Harvard Kennedy School is another field where Langley heads hunters walk.


We also have something spicy history of General David Petraeus, head of the CIA and confidant of Barack Obama in terms of intelligence, who resigned recently after confessing his adulterous relationship with Paula Broadwell.

Broadwell graduated from the Military Academy of West Point and worked in intelligence and military for a long time. He specialized in counter-insurgency and geopolitical analysis. Broadwell met Petraeus while doing a Ph.d…. in the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard.

Petraeus for years frequented the institution where he felt comfortable: he frequently participated in debates where faced with other senior officers of the military leadership.

Retired General, Petraeus quickly got another job. He now teaches at the Kennedy School.

President of the right-wing Spanish people’s Party, Deputy Pablo, served as a CIA link to instruct his junior Angel Carromero of its counter-revolutionary Mission in Cuba. Mission that ended with the death of the Cuban “dissident” was delivered with a hefty sum of money.

Married to that he came in contact to Carromero with a mysterious correspondent in Sweden which in turn connected him with a Swedish right leader with whom he would travel, is a pure product of these great American schools where CIA recruits its agents which then puts in the political hierarchy of their country of origin.

Lawyer in Madrid, white married graduated from the Kennedy School.

Back in Venezuela, Lopez holds the position of analyst, Assistant to the Chief Economist and economic adviser in the Coord

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