Friday, 7 February 2014


Libya. So what the hell is going on? The good news is that the west is going down. These are the last days. This is the endgame that we are seeing right now.

Why are our kids going crazy on the streets today? Why? They are not going crazy. They are doing the absolute the logical thing. The surprising thing is that why haven't these young people done it before? These young people are very patient. Might be part of our english character. We take so much month after month, year after year. We're not like the french. Our french brothers and sisters, put one of them is in hospital the same night the whole of france is on fire. That's solidarity, wether you like it or not, that's solidarity.

Malcolm X said you cant understand what's happening in Mississippi unless you understand what's happening in Congo. We cant understand what's happening on the streets of london and manchester and nottingham and bristol and liverpool and birmingham - and it will grow - we cant understand what's happening here unless we understand what's happening in Libya, in Congo, in Iraq, in Afghanistan.

david cameron said after the first night of what I call the Black and Poor Youth Uprising, and dont get me wrong. I'm not gonna gloss over or justify attacking innocents and their family. We all have to protect our houses in the vicinity. My family live in ealing just metres away from the rioting. So we gotta protect ours, but that's not the whole story. When david cameron said after the first night of rioting, this is criminality, this is against law and order, that previous night david cameron was directly party to the massacre of 85 civilians in Libya including 35 children. So lets get some perspective, so who's the real criminal, who's really defying law and order?

And I'm really saddened in my heart that so many in our community, including the those brothers and sisters in the music movement, whose music and culture is a result of the Black Liberation Movement's blood sweat and tears which has allowed these youths, and these emcess, producers and DJs their swagger which they talk about. After all that they spit on their ancestors, spit on their traditions and they cuss out our youth. You forgot about Ice Cuba, about NWA, about Ice T about Dead Prez, you forgot what you dance to every weekend: 'it's bigger than Hip-Hop'? Have you forgot? Why have you turned into daily mail readers, why have you turned into peoples with the ideas of the daily express over night? Cos that which you celebrated in watts and l.a. and in paris and in marseille has come to your neighbourhoods. Don't funk. I mean funk in a bad way. Be consistent.

I been to Libya three times. They are devastated in Libya. This is a silent war. And I aint even talking to you lot here. Cos when we talk about this silent war, when we talk about our youth in the streets, we all have a responsibility in this situation. I was an emcee in the late 1990s, I have seen these youth grow up, I was working in a youth movement called Culture Move working with these teenagers when they were in school ten years ago, I understand what they have gone through. We are responsible, we have provided no alternative to our young people for the last generation. Including us. If we had provided them with effective legitimate and effective means if protest and rebellion, they wouldn't have done this. Am I lying, Where are they, they are not here.

I know white left are fundamentally problematic, and fundamentally flawed and not fit for purpose. But us who come from our communities, who understand our communities, where are we at, why haven't we built up the grassroot organisations?

I do commend the organisers for today. I particularly salute the Black Liberation Movement in the united states, and one of the leaders of which, one of the freest men who exists on this planet, that's Minister Louis Farrakhan. On the first day of the Libyan crisis, who spoke up? Who spoke up? who said: "I am no punktified negro, you can't tell me to forsake my brother Gaddafi!". Who said it? one of the freest person on this planet, Louis Farrakhan.

Who else said it? Where was the white left?  Some of the organisations here were silent for weeks, for weeks! ["they're still silent" - Cecil Gutzmore] Four months later. Five months later. NOW people start to wake up. After Iraq, after Congo, after Afghanistan, after Palestine, after Somalia: what happened in your brains? What happened to the malfunction of your brains you couldn't understand what's happening. Its a nato war! What?! You been smoking too much al-jazeera crack?! Al-jazeera; the centre of the conspiracy in the middle east. And don't think Qatar are behind al-jaeera, although the stupid Qatari monarchy fund al-jazeera. who is the mind behind al-jazeera? Tel-aviv, london, especially london.

We're at the usa embassy, but I'm telling you, we should be at downing street in relation to Libya. Who are the biggest tricksters in the west? Listen to the debates about race and class in the usa, its honest. When I same the same things they discussing on cnn here in europe, people go crazy against Sons of Malcolm. These are the ABC facts of politics in north america, but britain is the true heart of darkness. London has tricked us into thinking we line in a post-racial era.

How many Black and Brown brothers and sisters are saying: Sukant, its not about white supremacy; Sukant, its not about white domination and white privilege. Yes, its real. Where did the social disturbances start? In tottenham. The forgotten, despised Black community. Why did it start in tottenham? Because white policemen think they can execute and lynch our brother on our streets. Then why did it escalate? Because white policemen think they can beat down our Black sister when protesting the killing of our brother. And you're telling me white supremacy doesn't exist?

So just to wrap up. Who spoke up? Who spoke up? Cos the first people to speak up upon the first day of the Libyan crisis are our true allies. and those who have been silent, for weeks and months, I thank them [for exposing themselves].

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