Friday, 14 February 2014


Russia and Egypt stress necessity of exerting efforts to resolve crisis in Syria politically


Russia and Egypt stressed in a joint statement the necessity of continuing efforts to resolve the crisis in Syria politically and emphasizing prevention of foreign intervention in the Syrian affairs.

a statement issued following a meeting between Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, and his Egyptian counterpart, Nabil Fihmi, and Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and his Egyptian counterpart Abdul-Fattah al-Sisi, said that the ministers expressed concerns over the continuation of violence and instability in Syria which led to the death of thousands and the injury  of many others and the increase of the number of the displaced people inside and outside Syria.

The two countries stressed the necessity of respecting Syria’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity, expressing strong rejection of any intervention in the Syrian affairs.

The statement added that the participants in the meeting supported the political solution to the crisis in Syria which started through Geneva 2 conference by direct talks between the Syrians to implement Geneva Communiqué issued June 30, 2012 and UN Security Council resolution No. 2118.

Earlier, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and his Egyptian counterpart, Nabil Fahmy stressed that a political solution is the only way for solving the crisis in Syria, asserting the necessity of combating terrorism and stopping all kinds of violence in the framework of a Syrian-Syrian dialogue based on Geneva communique.

In a joint press conference in Moscow on Thursday, Lavrov said that “Russia insists on the necessity of abiding by all items of Geneva communique and not focusing on one item without the other items.”

He asserted that the terrorism phenomena which Syria and many countries in the region have been suffering from is one on the most intensive issue, asserting that Russia started consultations on submitting a new draft resolution to the UN security Council on tackling the issue of counterterrorism in Syria.

The Russian Foreign Minister said that the gunmen hindered the delivery of the humanitarian aid to the old city of Homs and we demand guaranteeing the delivery of the assistance to other areas besieged by the gunmen, such as Nobul al-Zahraa in Aleppo countryside.

Lavrov called on the western and the regional countries which are able to influence the gunmen to exert efforts to lift the siege imposed by them on the Syrian areas and delivering relief aid to these areas.

For his part, the Egyptian Foreign Minister stressed that Russia and Egypt agree on the importance of making the political track on solving the crisis in Syria a success in order to create a new climate which achieve the aspirations of the Syrian people for better future.

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