Wednesday, 5 February 2014


RMT trade union leader Bob Crow and Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm in 2009

I fully support the tube workers strike in london, they have a half decent leadership (Bob Crow being the best trade union leader in this country, although I think his income is just grossly unethical, although the mainstream media and politicians have no right or basis to attack in this regard) that employs some basic strategy to defend workers from attacks on their pay, conditions etc. However, to problematise the issues a little:

1. Wouldn't it be a wonderful world where workers on this island defending other workers like when in britain they blocked shipments to Revolutionary Russia, shipments that were going to assist the forces of imperialist-directed counterrevolution? Why don't we also strategise to strike in defence of other working people who are directly attacked by the same forces which are attacking us here?
Why don't workers ever conduct strikes to defend the Iraqi peoples from bombing? I remember in the lead up to the 2003 imperialist aggression and invasion of Iraq how the half-decent fire brigades union strike collapsed like pansies cos the state smacked them back to work cos their actions was jeopardising the imperialist war effort.

Why don't trade unionists here strike in defence of the Syrian people who are victim to a british-led gulf-allied terrorism campaign? In defence of the Libyan working masses who were subjected to a 8 month long nato bombing campaign led by the brits?

2. The last point relates to this one, the trade unions and their lefty cheer leaders are deep in a empire-friendly trajectory: not only are they onside with empire against the majority of the world (ie., 'Humanity'), but also they have, despite all their utter hollow lefty rhetoric, caved into the current tory-led colonial offensive against the GlobalSouth *and* also against the onslaught against those who are in the most precarious situation in our society.

If the left fails our peoples, then we have little basis to oppose the coming Riots/Uprising of the most downtrodden, and hopefully the coming Uprising will build permanent and united peoples Liberation and community-organisations and target effectively and strategically that which will strengthen the peoples struggle - all of which the left will play little to no part but judging from what happened in Aug 2011 will side with the elites.

3. If we really had a proper and combative trade union movement, which is a great necessity, then it would build a Global perspective amongst its members ideologically and strategically (and fight against white supremacy and state-sponsored and favored divisions amongst our peoples); build community organisations to defend our peoples from organised crime, police, fight for decent housing etc: but all this is nearly impossible and has seldom been built in the 'west' cos at the end of it all the trade union leadership and their lefty allies hate the poorest workers here and those super-exploited majority of workers in our Homelands more than the ruling classes and their ideological trinkets.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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