Monday, 17 February 2014


Those who collaborated with nato and lynchers in Libya shall never be forgotten

Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm
17 Feb 2014

Feb 17th, 2011, a date on which today is the third anniversary of perhaps one of the most infamous days and chapters in the annals of white supremacism /imperialism along with their supporting allied spectrum of forces of collaborators from the western/empire leftists - stop the war coalition, student broad left/socialist action, ceasefire, counterfire, pambazuka, democracy now, pulse, awaaz, etc - through to the colonised Muslim forces across the board - Ikhwan factions, Al-Qaeda factions, Hamas - and I have to be honest and state that despite their leading and heroic role in general resisting imperialism, Iran and Hizbullah too at the time (the irony considering events in Syria and their involvement is staggering)). This was the orgy of lynching of Blacks and anti-nato patriots white washed by all these collaborating forces as the 'Arab Spring/Uprising/Awakening/Revolution' etc.

The simple ABC that when nato bombs we close ranks and fight single mindedly against the greatest killing machine ever known to Humanity, was lost. People lost their minds, minds brainwashed and in drunken stupor and stoned off their heads on aljazeera crack, violent political sectarianism and and all the just under the surface slavishness to white imperialism and visceral hatred of Africa came viciously to the surface like an almighty fountain-head for everyone to see. Not one protest in Tunisia, they lost their minds. Hardly protests in Egypt, they were preoccupied losing their minds on behalf of the 'west'. Syria stood by Libya, and it is facing its own 'Libya' now. Algeria stood by Libya, and it will be facing its own 'Libya' soon tragically.

The first and defining act of those who 'rose up' on the first nights on and after the 17th feb was the mass celebrated orgy of grabbing darker skinned people and stringing them up and chopping up their bodies while hundreds of men cheered, jeered, scores of phones filming it, such was their pride, (documented here - ) AND ALL THIS WAS GIVEN COVER AND JUSTIFICATION BY ALL THE ABOVE SAID COLLABORATING FORCES of the infamous and total lie of 'Gaddafi's African Mercenaries', something ALL YOU COLLABORATORS promoted for some six months until the media whores of your masters - the western media - set foot in the new nato death squad state in Tripoli and saw with their own eyes that this was happening everywhere they went (alex thompson at channel 4 news' report stands out, not giving that devil any credit of course). Since feb 2011 some of us were raising alarms at what was taking place, but were insulted, dehumanised, told to shut up by a massive campaign of social fascism in order for them to indulge their depraved fantasies onto Libya.

The once vanguard of Pan-Africanism, vanguard of concrete and actual support to nearly every movement on the planet against imperialism and white supremacy, the vanguard of the anti-zionist struggle (having got nearly of of Africa to cut ties with the zionist state), of the GlobalSouth struggle in its development of unity with the south America, the pioneer of oil sovereignty backing up Iran, and the gulf before they took those steps; the Libyan Jamahirya founded on the Sept 01 1969 Al-Fatah Revolution has been turned into its opposite:

A Libya which is now ruled by literally hundreds of death squad factions, trading in drugs, kidnapping women every week for ransom and rape, trading in African bodies and sending them into the Mediterranean sea to be slaughtered, a base for the export of this 'model' to Mali, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Syria and more, a network and industry of torture dungeons where innocents and those who raise the banner of independence and unity against this 'order' are put through this ordeal so human rights watch, amnesty, and others can once having given the 'human rights' cover for this to occur then can hustle further in reporting on that which they helped create. Those who said nearly nothing, did not encourage people to take to the streets but now who are making political careers and money off writing books after the event. Your collaboration on the greatest crime to have ever taken place in the last thirty years will has been recorded and registered in the memory of the honest, the truthful, the uncorrupted.

And who are the honest, and righteous in this context? It is Hugo Chavez, who stood up immediately in defence of his brother-comrade Gaddafi and said 'he is not fickle and will not forsake his brother', it is The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan who said 'I am no punktified negro, you cannot tell me who if not and who is my brother'; it was Fidel Castro who said immediately after feb 17 2011 "nato is coming for Libya", a veritable clarion call to Humanity to throw themselves into a united defence of Libya against nato; it was Daniel Ortega who made it known in the media that he stood solid with Gaddafi and the Libyan people.

While the youth represented by the 'under class' of britain were rioting in Aug 2011 after killing one of our brothers by the pigs (the english version of the lynching in Libya), on THE SAME DAY the british state killed **85** innocents in Zliten, Libya, THIRTY THREE children, 32 women, and 20 men ( ) however, in gross contrast to the Mark Duggan campaign NOT ONE vigil, NOT ONE campaign, NOT ONE mobilising meeting, NOT ONE protest for these people, they remain in what Fratnz Fanon described as the "zone of non-being", they don't register as Humanity, as humans, a zone perpetuated by the near total gamut of 'activists' etc in england/britain.

This does not have to be the case. It is the hands, minds and hearts of US to move these dynamics away from depravity and inhumanity to justice and Humanity. All the while, the Libyan people are increasingly of the opinion they know well what they lost and how precious and valuable it is. Two million refugees fled the country, all of whom are sympathetic to the Resistance in Libya, two million plus their families in Libya, that is the mass base for the Resistance. The Green flag was raised in Sabha in the south of Libya some weeks ago by allied forces of Resistance (ie., not all pro-Jamahirya, but rallied around that legacy and path, as they see it as a noble and resistant one), and also in at least four towns in the north around Tripoli. Slowly, surely, torturously, the Resistance will gain in momentum, Libya will show that the African-Berber-Tuareg-Black-Sahel-Arab-Mediterranean-Islamic alliance which Libya of the Jamahirya was/is cannot be extinguished until humans of that land are extinguished, until Humanity is extinguished. We remain steadfast. 'The martyrs and ancestors blood who waters the tree on whose shade we find relief from the Sahara sun for ourselves and the coming generations' is something we have no question but to remain loyal to. " I am not a coward, I am not fickle." - (Hugo Chavez in relation to Gaddafi, Feb 2011) 

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Thank You Brother. I will never forget the murder and humiliation inflicted on the brother, his family and the African People.