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Half of the truth of the second world war is hid away from most people in the 'west', as it is half of the story that happened across Asia, whereby the most rabidly white supremacist and aggressive imperialist powers were allied to imperialist Japan against the Asian peoples (although some Asian peoples united with Japan and Germany as they saw britain as the bigger evil as it was directly occupying and colonising them, the controversies and debates of which I am not going to go into here). The two Korean states and China are totally within their right to demand reparations and justice from Japan for the latter's crimes against them. 

However, there is a tendency in the west to project all imperialist crimes onto the Japanese, when there are much greater imperialist crimes and massacres that britain, france, belgium and others have committed against GlobalSouth peoples. This problematic should be clearly identified by GlobalSouth loyalists.

Japan is currently allowing itself to be used by the west to continue its historical criminal imperialist past in the region as a pro-western buffer and counter weight in the white imperialist project of war against Asia ('pivot to Asia') which is fore mostly a war against Asia's vanguard protector and leader - China.

Japan has played a strange role in white supremacy and imperialism, as sometimes its in the 'club' and sometimes its not, such as the case when Japan has been to date the only people on the planet to be subjected to massive deaths in the atom bombs dropped on it by the usa against Nagasaki and Japan.

Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

DPRK Delegate Calls on UN to Pay Due Attention to World War II Crimes


The DPRK delegate clarified the DPRK's principled stand on ensuring world peace and security at an open seminar sponsored by the UN Security Council on the theme "War and
peace" on Jan. 29.

The delegate in his speech said the principle of respect for sovereignty of other countries and non-interference in other's internal affairs should be adhered to as a fundamental principle governing the international relations from the stand of ensuring world peace and security.

There may be small and big countries in the world but there exists no such a law allowing a big country to infringe upon the interests and sovereignty of small one, he said, adding:

One should no longer allow a specified UN member state to override the UN Charter and the principle of equal sovereignty by abusing its privileged position in the UN while misusing the UN for its selfish
purpose of actions against other member state.

Underlining the need for the UN to pay due attention to the crimes committed against humanity during the World War II and exert efforts for their settlement, he continued:

The crimes committed by Japan against the Koreans and the Chinese and peoples of Southeast Asian countries in the past are serious matters common to humankind as they were unprecedented in history in their
barbarous and cruel nature.

Japan, a defeated nation, is trying hard to dodge the settlement of the crimes committed by its ancestors and cover them up. Moreover, it is making no scruple of rubbing salt into the wounds of the people of
those countries which fell victim to it.

A typical example of this is the visit of the prime minister of Japan to Yasukuni Shrine.

His visit to the shrine is an anachronistic attitude intended to imbue Japanese with a wild militarist ambition in a bid to encourage them in repeating crimes against humanity as it will drive Japan into a final ruin.

During their military occupation of Korea the Japanese imperialists mercilessly massacred at least one million Koreans, forced 200,000 Korean women into sexual slavery, abducted and took away more than 8.4
million Koreans to slave labor sites and shambles of war of aggression. Such crimes committed by Japan can never be written off.

The Korean people will certainly make Japan pay a dear price for the bloodshed by their grandfathers and grandmothers.

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