Wednesday, 12 February 2014


george monbiot, another dim white light white washer for the west's death squads in Syria
empire lefties pimping terrorism as liberation

Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm
12 Feb 2014

george monbiot, one of the eurocentric lefty's favourite political careerists has come out supporting imperialist-backed terrorism against Syria: "Last week a British man who called himself Abu Suleiman al-Britani drove a truck full of explosives into the gate of Halab prison in Aleppo. The explosion, in which he died, allowed rebel fighters to swarm into the jail and release 300 prisoners. Was it terrorism or was it heroism?" (source)

monbiot, like other silly pro-imperialist lefties are the main white wash cover-up agents of those who the west have historically created in their covert operations against Muslim-majority countries for many generations, and who are using these same violent sectarian forces to conduct 'divide and destroy' missions against countries from Libya through to Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan etc.

As one brother quipped to me the other night about this sordid and highly sophisticated war on terror theatre that the west have been pumping out, at an intense rate since '911', it is a veritable "Global Cointelpro", ie., that counter intelligence program which the usa white imperialist elites unleashed against the Black and Brown Liberation Movements of the 1960s and 70s has been developed and pushed out on a Global scale, and to great effect.

What is perhaps confusing these bright white lights of empire such as monbiot is that the british state is now taking some small measures in arresting a few of the 'bonkers brigade' 'Al-Qaeda' types who have been and continue to go to Syria in their hundreds. What these very dim white bright lights and their non-white allies fail to grasp is that the brits are only doing this after pumping in the bonkers brigade for three years, who have taken part in this 'opposition movement' which has led to the destruction of large parts of Syria; that the brits are still allowing in plenty of their indrect death squads into Syria, and that the brits and the west in general have been sucessfull in turning large part of Syria under the control of the revolutionary professional beheaders of anyone they dont like into a base camp for further western directed terrorism against other regions and countries that the west want to destroy. Furthermore, the western mainstream media siad nothing in those several years while the death squads were turning Syria into a living hell, but the turn around and strategic defeat trajectory on which the death squads are on now, the organ eating depravity of theirs which was a public relations disaster, and other factors have led to a shift in the empire approach to their minions.

Many of us continue to fall for the foreign policy manipulations of the brits in relation to the 'Muslim world', I personally fell for this theatre despite the warnings of some decent colleagues until my delusions were liberated from myself when the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda supporters in england and elsewhere championed a nato bombing of Libya and their 'brothers' mass lynching of Blacks across the country, this clearly showed that any benefit of the doubt towards these nutters at the service of nato was not worthy, and that these forces were not developing in the direction of the world anti-imperialist movement, but clearly going in the other direction, ie., servicing the interests of imperialism.

monbiot tries to peddle these violent sectarian nutters by a pathetic attempt at paralleling them with the International Brigades who fought in Spain against the most rabid white supremacy and militarist imperialists in the world at the time manifest in the axis alliance of fascist Spain, Italy and Germany. Where monbiot is unintentionally right is that these bonkers brigades can be compared in one way at least to george orwell, in as much as they both gave service to the british imperialists and their secret services and military institutions through servicing them, orwell worked with the intel services of the british state against those who were truly anti-imperialist. In this service to empire, monbiot, the bonkers brigades are all fitting continuations of orwell's legacy. What monbiot fails to mention is that the actual International Brigades didn't want to touch orwell with a barge pole cos they knew he was, like his empire lefty disciples, an idiot who was going to be a bigger headache than he was worth.

As ever, the empire lefties and their tools, fools, fakes and snakes amongst non-white peoples have got everything on its head: GlobalSouth countries resisting empire are the 'fascists' whereas the west's death squads are 'heroes'. Monbiot, why don't you become a 'hero' and go fight in Syria, our anti-imperialist alliance in Syria will be more than happy to welcome your empire heroism, I am sure. Or you going to sit safely in your very empire-given career in the west and pimp terrorism and freedom fighting?

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