Wednesday, 19 February 2014


Venezuelan government thanks Russia and China on Weds for their solidarity against the attacks of the Venezuelan right trying to destabilize the country, said the Foreign Minister, Elias Jaua. (source)

The Russian Foreign Ministry on Monday expressed concern over the unrest in Venezuela and confidence in Nicolas Maduro will preserve the constitutional order.

"We have received with concern the news about the growing tension in Venezuela, the result of street clashes and fatalities," consists in a commentary published on the website of Foreign.

Russia expresses its "solidarity with the Government and people of this friendly and strong support for the policy that aims to prevent destabilization nation."

"We hope that the efforts of President Nicolas Maduro enable consolidation of Venezuelan society and ensure the preservation of law and constitutional order," the statement said.

Last week, several cities in Venezuela were the scene of clashes between supporters of the current government and the opposition. Disorders and clashes resulted in three deaths and dozens of injuries and arrests. (source)

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