Wednesday, 12 February 2014


the spirit of 45 and the spring smells of colonialism, genocide and white racism, 
all the main ingredients of the english left

owen jones lines up with the british colonial loyalists on Scotland
Will the english left ever be anything other than the left appendage of british colonialism?

Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm
12 Feb 2014

From starting the article stating that as a english plonker, he shouldn't be interfering in the struggle of the Scots for self-determination, nevertheless upcoming and arch empire lefty and champion of the intensely colonial and white supremacist 'spirit of '45' english lefty campaign, owen jones, comes out allying with british colonialist loyalism on the Scottish issue:

"For some – not all – of the Yes camp, support for independence seems to be born out of a sense that the Union is the source of social ills. But it is neo-liberal dogma – which, to varying degrees, has swept practically all industrialised countries – that has given us a low-wage, low-rights, insecure workforce, privatised utilities and services, and a housing crisis. It would be striking, but rather unlikely, if, in the era of globalisation, a small, independent nation managed to break from this without building an outward-looking movement first." (source)

This hits at the roots of the fundamental problem of the english white left, ie., they seem to not be able to deconstruct the fact that the british entity is by its very history, development and nature one of the most brutal and genocidal colonial entities on the planet. It is not by some wishful fantasies of the colonial left in england that somehow the colonialism-informed "spirit of 45" (a spirit serviced by the colonial genocide of resistant-oppressed peoples throughout Africa and Asia) is going to bring 'social justice' to the people of this island.

The straight up fact is that since the 1980s, the english left has continuously descended increasingly in pace and content into a rump left colonial appendage to the elites. Even in this role they continue to disintegrate into oblivion. In the same time period, the GlobalSouth, especially since the end of the 1990s has grown in momentum and anti-imperialist capacity against white imperialism, the brits included, with the english and general white euro left growing increasingly hostile to the majority of the world incrementally releasing the grip of white imperialism from its neck. owen jones, like the rest of his colonial-social-contract crowd, have for the most (bar some exceptions, Ken Livingstone and Galloway in some ways) supported the most depraved murdered and lynchers of Blacks, revolutionaries, Shia, Christians, in their support for the death squads in Syria and Libya.

As well since the late 1990s, and with a longer history than that, the anti-imperialist Scots in the form of the SNP and other allied more leftist and harder anti-imperialist formations, have in the face of cross-island anti-imperialist capitulation, a capitulation led and manifested mostly in england, have developed a mass movement and mass support for a social-justice and anti-imperialist oriented movement, the most exciting radical development in this country since the 1984-'85 Miners Strike and the Black and Brown uprisings in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Now that the Scots have got rid of some of the ugliest anti-people measures of the london government such as the 'bedroom tax', isn't it time the english left supported these moves, moved away from colonial conceit and humbly learnt the lessons and developed a truly anti-imperialist movement on the english side? Wasn't the 'spirit of 45' a wonderful thing that brought justice to english people and the many many more victims of british colonialism which the labour party administered? Oh yeah. Maybe not then.

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