Friday, 31 January 2014


Will nato kill of Karzai with a 'Taliban' operation?
Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm
Fri 31 Jan 2014

2014 will see the brits and yanks assassinating Afghan president Karzai. Yes Karzai is a former western oil industry senior (unacol), yes he was imposed in Afghanistan on the basis of a colonial war of aggression after decades of colonial-made destabilisation there in alliance with the death squads wrongly named 'mujahideen'. However, Karzai has not gone along with the empire hymn sheet. Too often we narrowly define any given phenomena as totally bad, and think nothing in the world is advantageous/positive for us. Fact is, everything is the sum total of its parts, and those parts are, to differing degrees, either in total generally helpful to us, or not, or nearly equally balanced with negatives and positives. Debate and real struggle illuminates the process of correctly appraising the phenomena:

1, Karzai has made reasonably constructive strategic ties to imperialism main enemies on the planet on which they seek to totally destroy: Iran, India, China and Russia. 

2, with the wind down of nato troops in Afghanistan, the leading nato countries will be looking to ensure Afghanistan is a launch pad for death squads etc sought to devastate Central Asia, Iran, Russia, India, Pakistan, China etc

3, The 'west' have already for years given their main strategic allies in Afghanistan, the 'Taliban', a open political office in surprise-surprise, the west's most important slave state- Qatar. nato claim that every 'insurgent' fighting them in the country is Taliban. Its not. Its local ppls fighting for their land, family, clan, tribe etc.

4, The west want to make sure Taliban and such types are well functional and ready to direct at their will.

5, Karzai has done a not bad job in strategically pushing back empire plans, he has many a time sniped hard at nato, he has defied their strategy: therefore, I will be surprised that he will survive. nato will get 'the Taliban' to kill him off most likely.

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