Tuesday, 21 January 2014


Protest demands end to Pro-Nato Libyan Junta and death squad crimes against the people of Libya 

Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm
21 Jan 2014

Around 100 people protested earlier today outside the British Prime Minister's office outside Downing Street in the government area of Whitehall in central London. 

The protesters are opposing the pro-Nato Libyan junta's air strikes against the southern Libyan town of Sabha yesterday and the day before, strikes targeting armed fighters, many of whom are supporters of the previous government of the Jamahirya or the 'State of the Masses' under the leadership of Muammar Gaddafi since September 1969. The pro-Nato Libyan junta has made clear itself that it has lost control of areas of south Libya including the biggest city in the south, Sabha. 

It is not lost on any of the attendees of today's protest that when the western campaign against Libya from February 2011 lied to the world that Gaddafi was bombing people from the air, the biggest killing machine the world has ever known (nato) was unleashed for six months against the Libyan people, now the pro-nato junta is in reality and in truth bombing Libyan people from the air, there is general silence from the same vested interests.

The protesters are also opposing the crimes against civilians committed by various death squad groups against the towns of Warshafana and El-Ajelat, resulting in the deaths of civilians including women and children.

The protesters stated that the situation in Libya since the fall of the previous government is going from bad to worse, although the mainstream western and allied media stays generally silent on these issues. 

The slogans on the protest were of an anti-imperialist, pro-Gaddafi and anti sell-outs nature, although the views on Muammar Gaddafi differ in their assessment by those on the protest, although there is a general agreement that the previous government provided stability and independence, a high standard of living (indeed the highest standard of living of any so-called 'third world' country), general peace between the tribes of Libya and a rights for women and different Arabised and African peoples of Libya. 

Indication of the depth of the unfolding crisis in Libya is that many Libyan women joined the protest today in London and made speeches. Please find a video of the speeches by the Libyan sister in Arabic below.son

The protesters appreciated the presence of Press TV at the event today, and encourage concerned friends and citizens from across the world to support the people of Libya by raising their voices on all platforms, organising protests themselves with patriotic and anti-imperialist Libyans and pressurising media outlets to report the situation in Libya.

While many people sent their support to the protest today, including Algerian friends of the Libyan patriots, it is still a regrettable situation that the the anti-war movement and other political circles and person remain inactive and silent while Libyan people continue their struggle against a junta imposed on them by means of a six month Nato campaign which has unleashed death squads on the people of Libya which has included the ethnic cleansing of whole towns, for example Tawergha, a town of some 50,000 darer skinned Libyans has is now a ghost town thanks to the work of the death squads, misnamed 'revolutionaries' by those who want to white wash these genocidal acts against those who reside in Libya.

Those at the protest made it clear that they will continue to carry on their struggle to defend their families and friends from the death squads, and that people should understand that the situation in Libya will continue to deteriorate. They called on friends of justice and anti-imperialism and African independence to take steps to stand together with the Libyan people and their struggle, a struggle which for 41 years gave support of all kinds to all peoples movements against white supremacy and imperialism, not it is time to repay that solidarity in kind and stand with the Libyan people.

For more information and/or to get involved in the on-going campaign for justice foe Libya, please contact this author on sukant.chandan@gmail.com or doneten@yahoo.com

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