Sunday, 12 January 2014


"AFRICOM" tries to destabilize and intimidate Algeria, experts say


Experts in Algerian Security Affairs considered the recent statements by the Senior U.S. Military Commander in Africom", regarding the ability of terrorist Mokhtar Belmokhtar, called Belaouar in repeating the "Tiguentourine" scenario, and implementing attacks that are similar to the kidnapping of hostages, saying that it is just an intimidating and attempt to destabilize Algeria's security, in search for a "foothold" to find the entrance to the area.

Major General Abdelaziz Medjahed told Echorouk that the recent statements by the U.S. Forces Commander in "Africom", regarding the ability of terrorist Blaouar, to launch a new attack along the lines of what happened in Ain Amenas, is just a preparation for the mentalities and minds with the existence of dangers in Algeria, in an attempt to find a "foothold" for the entrance to the area to hunt the terrorist Mokhtar Belmokhtar, because such intervention would not be temporary, citing what happened in Afghanistan under the cover of the prosecution of Bin Laden, and what the Polisario Front faced in Western Sahara by the Moroccan regime , wondering: "For how long will those military interventions last?"

Former Director of the Military School of Multi-weapons in Cherchal, explained his position over raising important strategic issues on the agenda of the military intervention, which would be -according to him- the beginning of an endless problem without guaranteed results.

Gen. Medjahed wondered, in this regard, about the rules of a military supply; " From where will come the force that covers the protracted battle on the area which exceeds 2,000 km. Any military intervention in history will be always preceded with a propaganda campaign to prepare the minds and mentalities, and a large media campaign to create a pretext to interfere in any country, and this is "AFRICOM"s aim in Algeria. The task of "AFRICOM" is the fight against terrorism , so why it will not use its planes without pilots to hunt down Mokhtar Belmokhtar, just as it is currently doing in both Afghanistan, Somalia, Mali and other countries ."

For his part, former military attachée in the Middle East, Ben Amr Ben Djana, warned, in a statement to Echorouk about the recent statements by the U.S. Forces Commander in Africa "Africom", describing them as an intimidation of Algeria and underestimation of the operations that were carried out by the Algerian military forces in Tiguentourine terrorist attack, and the resounding success they achieved at all levels.

"It is there, the first and last objective is not warning Algeria about Belaour's ability to implement similar attacks against Tiguentourine, but it is an intimidation against Algeria and an attempt to convince it of the necessity of its presence on its territory, and the goal is known by everyone, which is activating the arms trade in favor of the western industrial complex. If the intention was honest, they would have exploited the necessary means and possibilities to cope with the existing situation, and eliminate the terrorist Mokhtar Belmokhtar".

In a related context, Algeria expressed in the words of its spokesman for the Foreign Affairs Ministry, Amar Belani, its regret of the "tendentious campaign" that was waged by some foreign media on the occasion of the first anniversary of the cowardly terrorist attack, which targeted Tiguentourine Gas base in Ain Aminas, southern Algeria. 

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