Thursday, 2 January 2014


(Looking back at 2013 / self criticisms)


Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm

No one can predict exactly what's going to happen, too many variables in the world. Who would have thought that after the Second/Al-Aqsa Intifada 2000, Afghanistan 2001, Iraq 2003, Lebanon 2006 etc that the 'west' would have conducted a *popular* war against and destroying an African, Arabised and Muslim country for six months - Libya 2011 - and nearly conducted another insanely popular war against Syria 2013? No one. Hopefully some lessons have been learnt, although amongst the snakes, fakes, fools and tools that applauded nato in Libya, I see nearly no lessons being learnt, mostly guilty silence at best, and the same-old-same-old for the rest.  Anyway! Kher.

I say this all in a context of the generally successful GlobalSouth historical world trajectory of building its capacity on all fronts - economic, diplomatic, military - it remains the world tectonic movement of anti-imperialism, it is seeing achievements and strategic developments everywhere in developing South-South strategic leadership. While my outlook comes across quite negative and pessimistic, this should not be interpreted as being negative in general in observing the reality of growing anti-imperialist struggle in the world. The point of this outlook is to, as I repeat many times, to be vigilant and clear sighted as to what our limitations and weaknesses are. No point in only talking up where we got it right, as to get it right going forward can only be done by identifying shortcomings, and working to minimise and eradicate them. Will we win in the final analysis against white imperialism? This is all dependant on our peoples and leaderships, all of which we will see play out in the next two or three decades. To be alive in this period is one of the greatest privileges God has bestowed on us, it is a period of the greatest change for Humanity, either for good or bad, this remains to be seen.

1. TERRORISM. London/washington/paris-directed TERRORISM (using esp false 'Islamist' terrorism) will be a central theme in the period coming, as it has been for a while, but will take ever more important strategic importance given that it serves so many advantages to the white imperialists while its covert nature keeps them relatively and apparently hands clean. white imperialism will increase terrorism in many places including Bangladesh, China, Russia and Central Asia, Afghanistan, India, and across Africa.

2. ARAB STING. The MENA (Middle East, North Africa) region will continue to see the fall out of the Arab Sting operation, in as much the Arab Sting has been successful until Qusayr, Syria 2013 and Scaf pushing back in Egypt. london, washington and paris, through their proxies in Saudi, Bahrain and Qatar (with the indirect/direct support of the empire-lefties who champion empire death-squad regime change as 'workers struggle' nonsense) will continue sending the region into violent division, with the Resistance Axis trying to resist that. Lebanon seems to be facing a now very focused attempt at destruction by these forces currently, Hizbullah can clean up quick in Lebanon, but that will be used and plays into to some extent the sectarian agenda and promotion by the said enemy alliance. MENA (an large parts of majority Muslim regions and countries) will continue to disintegrate until the gulf or/and imperialism is defeated historically.

3. ASIA. The white imperialists have made clear that their military focus will be Asia with the 'Pivot to Asia', ie., the basic aim is to create divisions in Asia to isolate China from others, esp sowing seeds between China on the one hand and Vietnam, Philippines, Japan, and especially India on the other. Creating a yawning split towards military conflict between India and China is perhaps the single most important strategical aim that imperialism is currently involved in.

4. AFRICA. Africa will continue to see the increased imperialist-orchestrated trauma, terrorism, instability, esp after the fall of the 'shield of Africa' - Gaddafi's Libyan Jamahirya, which was developing the most effective Pan-Africanist agenda and construction that the continent had ever seen. Again, a central aim of imperialism in Africa as with the rest of the world is to stunt and attempt to turn back Africa's rise which is conditional on its alliance with China especially, but also the BRICS in general and others. South Africa and the ANC will be increasingly targeted to smash the ANC leadership of the country, imperialism will, as it has, give a platform and support to ANY and EVERY force attacking the ANC in order to create division in SA conducive to SA's destruction as a leading force of the anti-imperialist GlobalSouth. Angola, Mozambique, DRC/Kabila and many other African countries are being planned for destruction by white imperialism.

5. LATIN AMERICA. I am not sure how much it will happen in 2014, but 'latin' America will soon see the full blast of imperialist terror on itself as it has visited on particularly the people of Africa and MENA of late. God help them. For the time being, the enemy is seeking to whittle away at Venezuela preparing for another coup attempt, and they will continue to push on the weak aspects of our links in the region, like they did successfully with Honduras and Paraguay in recent years. Brazil is the big prize for empire in the region, and they will continue to war on the place covertly.

6. GLOBAL SOUTH POLITICAL LEADERSHIP AND MEDIA WAR. The GlobalSouth will continue to lack giving dynamic and determined political leadership on a Global level, still suffering the fall out from its terrible historic defeat in the 1989-1991 period (collapse of the Eastern Bloc and allied GlobalSouth anti-imperialist struggles), and the supporters of the GlobalSouth will continue to be wanting in terms of platforms for its strategic analysis and projects and lack any real back-up from the GlobalSouth leadership in developing means and methods to defeat the enemy on a media, ie., hearts and minds level despite our best existing platforms of Press TV and Russia Today. However, the GlobalSouth will continue to sluggishly develop and improve its leadership and media outreach.

7. THE WEST. Last and least ;) the ridiculous bunch of people and societies that comprises the 'west' will continue down its trajectory of increasing relative poverty ('austerity') without any real resistant representation, the 'left' which speaks for the 'workers' will continue to be useless and die off, and divisions between people based on anything that can negatively divided will be developed by the system and internalised (as it is) by the masses. In contrast, Sinn Fein, SNP, PC, Basque Country liberation movement, Corsicans, and a few others will continue their resistance with varying degrees of unity with the actual anti-imperialist/GlobalSouth struggle.

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