Saturday, 18 January 2014


Been asked by brother Dan Glazebrook to comment on the rumours of marital problems between Michelle Obama and Barack Obama. A whole load of issues here:

1, I dont care and I dont think its anyone's business what is going on between the Obamas on a marital level.

2, The rumours are just that, gossipy rumours, which should be ignored imho.

3, While Obama is head representative and has been SE-lected by usa white imperialism to head it, on the one hand he bears responsibility to the white imperialist wars against the entire GlobalSouth, esp Libya, Mali, Syria, and the white imperialist African military command moves against African after removing the biggest obstacle along with SADC - Muammar al-Gaddafi., but on the other and as The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan says, he is selected to do the work of his masters in the *WHITE* house, hence he is expendable and will be used and abused by the system and is that's what they doing.

4, connected to the last point, Obama was put in his position to give racialised cover for usa white imperialism, and is a tool (allowing himself to be used as such) used by them to manipulate people, esp non-white/Black & Brown peoples situation for the worse, so again I think this martial rumour issue is another means by which to degrade them as defacto representatives of Black / African family life in the usa and abroad.

5, its obvious trickery clinton is majorly pissed off with Obama, and the lynching of yankee ambassador to nato death squad Libya by the ambassadors Libyan colleagues who united with each other against Gaddafi, was a issue which clinton was put in the deep end and has not forgiven Obama and others for doing that to her and will seek revenge against Obama (I dont care about this squabble, but its there so just stating it).

6, in the final analysis, Obama has been and will be used for white imperialist ends, to give a African / non-white and 'mixed-raced' nay 'mixed-up' ie., confusion-inducing (for us masses) white imperialist agenda to the world in a period which this is a primary method of confusion by the system to defeat through war covert and overt the GlobalSouth struggle that is on the path to defeating white imperialism.

7, And frankly, while I wish that Michelle was also cussing Obama about his slavishness to the WHITE house, the whole thing between them and their family is a manipulation in the interests of the white imperialist system, and as such, I would advise people do not fall into the whole cussing only Black / African / non-white agenda of the system which gets us to endlessly cuss out non-white Black servants of the system, an in so doing getting us involved in the bread and circuses of the system. There's more to it than this, but a few immediate thoughts etc.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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