Thursday, 2 January 2014



Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

Life and struggle is a journey through which we learn, change, and employ self-criticism either openly or secretly. Fact is, if we are not adjusting and developing our ideologies, we are not serving our peoples and struggle. And everyone adjusts and develops their views, and I think its important that we share these developments which make our struggles and analysis a lot healthier. As we all are, I have been wrong on things, right on some others, and will continue to be wrong on some things and right on others, such is the learning tension of us all. Anyway.

1. People, including so-called friends even best friends ('frenemies') are incredibly fickle, two-faced and have an impressive ability to constrain themselves according to their own cowardice and prejudices. And Family are the only real rocks in life. Thank God for my Mother and Father, and God bless the Ancestors who I knew and those I didn't.

2. The SE-lection (not e-lection, as Farrakhan would say) of Obama does not represent a reconfiguring towards some semblance of respect for the resurgent GlobalSouth as I argued in circa 2008, and does not represent the ascendance or growing power of the Black n Brown anti-imperialist struggle in the usa (although usa society is still heading for a violent showdown along 'racial'-political lines as seen by the white supremacist tea party against Obama), but rather Obama represents white imperialism manipulating sell-out nature/disposition of Black n Brown/GlobalSouth Diaspora in the 'west' to reinvigorate the system's strategies to smash the growing World Revolution/GlobalSouth resurgence/anti-imperialist struggle.

3. Along with, and connected to Obama in many ways, perhaps the greatest white imperialist swindle since the white imperialist 'velvet revolutions' of 1989-1991 is the Arab Sting. I like many fell for the aljazeera/nato crack on this one, but as soon as nato went for Libya, the whole thing became exposed, and since, Syria , Mali, Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen all seen utter disaster that benefits no one but the regimes in london, washington, paris and their regimes in Doha, Saudi and Bahrain. The Arab Sting has possibly thrown the MENA region into a vortex from which will only get worse until the day that the Qatar, Saudi, Bahrain and/or white imperialism is ended. white imperialism knows this, thats why its left the region to rot with covert manipulation (which includes armed strategies) and moved on to the 'Pivot to Asia', ie., to smash India, China etc.

4. Whereas I still consider white supremacy as a primary motivator and nature of the imperialist system, I now also see that white supremacy is refining and and continuing to sophisticate its modus-operandi and hence 'privilege calling', 'identity politics', 'intersectionality' are things I perhaps gave too much credit whereas these are eurocentric/white supremacist tricks to use the Black n Brown Diaspora to white wash the system and deny, spit on and reject the actually existing struggles in the world which fights back and defeats the system's actions and existence, esp the BRICS led struggles.

5. Connected to the points 2, 3, and 4, whereas I thought the Black n Brown Diaspora in the 'west' (including the Diaspora's cultural side of Grime, Rap, RnB etc) could/did play a important role in the anti-imperialist struggle, I am currently of the opinion that they are actually fundamental to the perpetuation of white imperialism's longevity esp in an era where the Black n Brown world (BRICS-led etc) world is resurgent.

6. That the Diaspora plays the role it does as explained above, then I am of the opinion in "seeking truths from facts" (Mao) as much as I can that the there is very little basis to anti-imperialist struggle in the 'west'. That the oppressed nations within the 'west' such as Scotland, Ireland, Basque Country, Wales, Corsica etc contribute to the struggle against the system but have a inconsistent relationship to the actual Global struggle against white imperialism (confusion over white supremacy, flitting between imperialist-reflexes on world issues and a toe or part of a foot in the world anti-imperialist camp). The 'workers' in the 'west' will not / are not entering the anti-imperialist struggle despite five years of financial crisis/austerity, that the left is collapsing. My conclusion is of recent years and my entire political experience thus far that there is only really an struggle over ethics and loyalty to try and get people in the west to support and advocate for the GlobalSouth struggle conditionally under the leadership of the GlobalSouth itself.

7. 'western' youth and August 2011 Uprising / Riots: Whereas I thought that there was potential of growing radicalisation of the youth, the fact is that nothing but regression came out of the Riots, and that the nature of the white imperialist brain washing of our youths is resulting in increasing growth of conceit, cliquey-ness, bullying and general nastiness which all sabotages any move towards Movement / community-resistance building. There will be further Uprisings/Riots as our peoples and youth are oppressed by the system, but all indicators point to a worsening strategic position of our communities and youth. My conclusion is that actually for any development of struggle to take place, we need develop projects with our children from pre-teens and help guide them into teens and adult life equipped with GlobalSouth ethics and loyalty.

8. Whereas I thought there could be some development of Movement building in london/england/west, I am no longer sure about this. Perhaps nothing can really happen in the 'west' in terms of actual developing and effective anti-imperialist struggle without serious financial and resource investment of the GlobalSouth countries. The last leadership that had the WILL to do this was the Libyan Jamahirya of Muammar al-Gaddafi. Indeed he was holding conferences on supporting our struggles with our brothers and sisters from across the west literally days before nato started to destroy the place.

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