Friday, 31 January 2014


Dont fool for empire tricks
Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm
Fri 31 Jan 2014

White imperialist gloves are coming off for South Africa / ANC govt. I've been saying for years that empire was waiting for Nelson Mandela to pass away before upping their war against ANC/South Africa, which is what we are witnessing right now. Mandela was a revolutionary, whose strategy and views on anti-imperialism, African unity etc was always made clear and people I would suggest respect him for who he was rather than how the enemy (london, paris, dc, brussels) white washed him, which they do towards many of ours (Biko, Che, Malcolm etc), and they couldn't wholly admit they want regime change, although the signs were always there. Four main points:

1. Julius Malema and EFF ally with apartheid's agents:

We are seeing the potentially good next generation leadership of Julius Malema etc and the split (from the ANC) 'EFF' make alliances with Buthelezi now(!!), ie., alliances with the very sectarian-tribal counter-revolutionary forces which allied with the apartheid regime to attack and kill the ANC towards the end of apartheid! What a terribly counterrevolutionary place brother Malema and EFF have found themselves in. It really is cold outside the ANC, to quote Pres Zuma!

2. Mamphela Ramphele trojan for white imperialism:

Mamphela Ramphele is a former mining company head and head of the world bank. She happens to be a former lover of Steve Biko, and has now teamed up with the apartheid-nostalgists of the 'DA' (democractic alliance). the DA have got Ramphele as the black face to their white imperialist agenda. The same old tory colonial and zionist forces which supported their allies in Zimbabwe (mdc and Tsvangarai), and who support their anti-people allies across the world are in part using hoping Ramphele/DA will challenge the ANC for govt at the next elections.

3. Why the ANC are strategic enemies of white imperialism that the latter are seeking to destroy:

The ANC allied with the liberation movements of Africa (MPLA, Frelimo, Zanu, Swapo, Paigc etc) and across the world (Brics, Maduro, Fidel, Vietnam etc etc) are on a regional, continent and international level in direct confrontation strategy wise with imperialism. They chased out empire death squads from DRC with SADC forces, gave exile to Aristide when he got chased out of Haiti by white imperialism, is in a bitter war with western pharma companies recently calling them "satanic" and "genocidal" (ANC health minister), have been Zanu/Mugabe's main ally and defender and much much more.

4. Empire will use any and every split to rally anti-ANC strategy. Our response - resist and expose it:

What we have is white imperialism rallying an array of forces to split the SA masses, confuse us, and get us to support their strategies. Seems that they are being successful judging from the amount of people falling in line with it. The minimum position should be to not interfere in the affairs of the ANC and patriotic masses of SA, and to employ vigilance towards and Resistance against empire strategies, this requires understanding that the intergenerational struggle of the ANC/Tripartite Alliance allied with SADC, BRICS, NAM, BASIC etc, is still developing and gaining momentum, and it is these formations that are the greatest force on the planet on behalf of Humanity to fight on every level for the Liberation of our peoples.

I know bro Carlos Martinez and I have shared a lot of evidence to support our shared analysis and will be putting out more in the immediate period. Please check through key words ANC, South Africa on for information from me, a lot more to come.

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