Saturday, 21 December 2013


Venezuela takes bilateral relation with India to strategic level

Caracas, 20 Dic. AVN.- Taking Venezuela-India bilateral relations to a superior strategic level and exploring their common interests are some of the goals of the visit paid by foreign minister Elias Jaua to the Asian nation, where issues as culture, agriculture and industry, science and technology were approached.

"We came to India to express the political will of the Bolivarian Government of Venezuela, of President Nicolas Maduro, of our people, to take this relation to a strategic level... We have important common interests to explore," Jaua said from New Delhi, where the second joint commission Venezuela-India takes place, reported live Telesur.

Elias Jaua was welcomed by his Indian counterpart Salman Khurshid, whom he remarked that Venezuela is seeking that "the two countries exchange knowledge at a technological level, as well as training in matters of oil."

About the issue, he recalled that India is Venezuela's third major customer in matters of oil consumption. In fact, 130 million barrels of oil per year, so there are "energy interests to explored."

"We'd like that effort to be transferred to the scientific, economic, industrial, agricultural" fields, said the Venezuelan foreign minister, emphasizing the special interest to get acquainted with the White Revolution, which led India to become the world's largest producer of milk.

That interest is also focused on agricultural production, industry, textiles, footwear, "so as to give a boost to Venezuela's economic productive development."

Likewise, Jaua remarked that this second commission is going to result in several agreements that will boost growth in matters of production, science and technology, seeking to manufacture the goods and services required by the Venezuelan people.

Boosting multipolarity

Foreign minister Elias Jaua stressed that beyond their bilateral relation, Venezuela estimates India as a strategic ally, which together with China, Brazil, Russia and South Africa make the BRICS group. Together, they represent an association of countries with the world's largest growth and emerging economies, with 40 per cent of the global population and GDP by 135 billion dollars.

"Venezuela's presence here, also as provisional president of Mercosur (Common Market of the South), after finalizing successfully the ALBA Petrocaribe summit to create an economic space, doubtlessly strengthens the development of new spaces, multi-polarity, multicentral world, several poles of development," Jaua said.

Space for private industry

The meeting in the Asian country is also seeking a connection between Venezuela's and India's private industry, as well as with the public sector, emphasized foreign minister Elias Jaua.

"There is space for honest private property, really productive private property, which defends domestic sovereignty and sets apart from imperial centers of power," Jaua stressed.

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