Friday, 13 December 2013


The Peace-advocating Mandela, the war planning brits

Like many of you all, I have been and continue to be meditating and reflecting a lot about Nelson Mandela of late.

I been thinking hard about his concept of peaceful transition to a non-racialist/racist society with economic justice for the Black (and some Brown) masses. Perhaps this is a very wise thing for him to promote and to be incorporated into the post (formal) apartheid Liberation strategy.

Why? Because arguably it is in the interests of masses in SA as in any GlobalSouth country to achieve their strategic Liberation goals with minimum violence, death, trauma etc. Isnt it better to avoid death, trauma and injury as much as possible?

This is not to say there isnt going to be some level of violence and violent divisions in the course of things, but isnt it always better to try and develop our goals with minimum trauma?

Every people in Liberation struggles who have been through massive sacrifices will always tell you it was a deeply traumatising experience of which could be and should be avoided without selling out our aims.

I pray that SA does not see a massive eruption into a very messy violent conflict which will benefit our enemies.

I am watching closely the brits, and it seems clear to me that they are stoking ANY and EVERY contradiction amongst the broad masses of SA who yearn for Justice in terms of the land and its resources.

The brits are the most clever and smart of ALL the neo-colonialists/white supremacists, they are preparing, nay, they are DEVELOPING THEIR WAR NOW readying for a more open conflict in their neo-colonial aims in SA.

I know the ANC leadership are well aware of the games of the brits, and thats why I give them so much support as well as they are overhwlemingly the Liberation political choice of our revolutionary masses in SA, and its in the ANC where ALL the revolutionary strategems are discussed and have been and are and will be implemented through. The brits and others know this, hence the war on the ANC. troubling thoughts ...

Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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