Friday, 13 December 2013


Resist Global Apartheid anti-ethics

Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm

white supremacy / imperialism puts forward a red line for all, esp those in the 'west' that they demand and condition us in a million ways that we must not cross. It is a red line that MalcolmX crossed, that Dr MLK Jr crossed, that the Black Panthers crossed (all of whom are perhaps the most important and potent examples of struggle within the 'west'). What is this red line? It is the red line that you must not ally your struggle in a position which is lead by the totality of Humanity's struggle, and that totality of Humanity's struggle for liberation is based overwhelmingly in the 'GlobalSouth'/'third world'.

Dr MLK Jr stated towards the end of his life that the Vietnamese resistance was defining his struggle, that it informed him to highlight three main enemies: militarism, poverty and racism (white supremacy). white imperialism therefore saw he overstepped the red line, and they had to eliminate him.

When MalcolmX was *always* developing through the NoI the concept which Africa and the 'black world/revolution' was the leadership and defining issue of the struggle of oppressed people in the 'west'/'usa', then he WENT to build these alliances himself in Africa and Asia, he over stepped the red line and was eliminated.

We are not MalcolmXs or MLKs, we are no threat to the system. However, the red line surrounds us and narrows in on us constantly, the whole edifice of the system is built to promote this global apartheid, whereby the lives of people in the west is worth millions times more than the lives and struggles of our peoples in the Homelands who comprise 90% of Humanity.

EVERY move forward for humanity has come nearly always from the GlobalSouth, every move against the system has come from them. It's worth reflecting no the force of the system which results in many radical and activist circles in the 'west' not only not giving respect and advocating supporting for the actual resistance to the system which resides in the GlobalSouth and BRICS and BRIC-allied movements and countries, but how these struggles and issues are way down on the list of priorities and sometimes even cussed out and dismissed.

Perhaps we should take inspiration and the leadership of the ANC at Mandela's funeral at which the speakers (bar Obama, although that is a complex issue) epitomised the leadership of the world struggle: Namibia, India, Cuba, Brazil, China as some of the leading forces of our world struggle. The speakers were not chosen by accident, it was very strategic.

Recognise and expose the red line of global apartheid, resist the encroachment of that red line in our work, lets give due respect to ALL of Humanity and not just a minority which reaps the benefits in the 'west' of exploiting and pillaging and warring on the rest of the world. This is what ALL our peoples struggle demands that we pursue this direction and strategy and framework in our struggle.

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