Friday, 13 December 2013


An Analysis of the Cress Theory of Color Confrontation
Author(s): Eddie S. Glaude, Jr.
Source: Journal of Black Studies, Vol. 22, No. 2 (Dec., 1991), pp. 284-293


"In stating that "white people will always feel genetically inferior," Welsing implied that White people were biologically determined to be racist. They are born with both factors necessary for racism to exist, as Welsing has defined it. Welsing's biological determinism, reductionism, and lack of empirical data to support her suppositions serve to vitiate her argument. Her attempt to make color the focal point resulted in an absurd and essentially indefensible position of the supposed genetic inferiority of White people. The reality of the dominance of color and the recessiveness of Whiteness normatively has no value. It is seemingly a reversal of the hegemony imposed upon society by White oppressive agents. This is certainly not to say that race should be marginalized in a discourse concerning social relations between White (European) and Black (African) people. It is stated simply to argue that racism is a social phenomenon primarily determined by social factors that in some fashion affect psychological functioning"

"Interestingly enough, a resurgence of interest in Welsing's theory is occurring. This interest must, however, be seen as a cultish obeisance, not scholarly investigation. Welsing's theory has been around for approximately 20 years and no substantial documentation has been presented to verify her position. If African scholars (diasporan or continental) are to aggressively challenge racism, they must reject rhetoric and engage in rigorous investigation. But most importantly, as Frantz Fanon (1964) portended: "A people that undertakes a struggle for liberation rarely legitimizes race prejudice. Even in the course of acute periods of insurrectional armed struggle one never witnesses the recourse to biological justifications." (p. 43, Fanon, F. (1964). Toward the African revolution. New York: Grove)"


Anonymous said...

Apparently, "truth" goes through three stages:

1) Rejection / denial
2) Violent opposition / oppression
3) Acceptance

One reason that the work of Nelly Fuller Jr and Dr Welsing's theory has been largely ignored, rejected and denied for decades by both "blacks" and "whites", COULD BE that Nelly Fuller Jr and Dr Welsing are actually correcta dn telling the truth.

Remember, it was rejected and denied that the Earth was not flat, and that the Earth was not orbited by the Sun.

A "theory" exists to be contested by another "theory".

Dr Welsing has put forward her own theory to explain "White Supremacy Racism".

Instead of "rejecting" or "denying" Dr Welsing's "theory", YOU should actually put forward your own "theory".

It is said that "absence of proof is NOT proof of absence".

Dr Welsing's theory could also be called an "hypothesis".

An hypothesis should be tested to determine "statistical significance" i.e a less than 5% chance that the evidence supporting Dr Welsing's "alternative hypothesis" could have happened by chance.

White Supremacy behaviour is explainable in terms of "pathological defensive mechanisms". See following link

Another good example of White Supremacy is the UN and the Security Council which has the power off veto- 5 countries, 4 of which are "white" and non of them "black". Think about it, no "black" country has the power of veto at the UN.


Anonymous said...

It is not yet a theory, at best it is a hypothesis, and much of it is plain "bad science".