Saturday, 2 November 2013


Note: no Arab or western mainstream media seem to want to report this important conference. Please do share this news far and wide.

Brief report on London Conference on Libya

By Sukant Chandan

On Monday 28 Oct 2013 the Libyan Solidarity Gathering in partnership with the Libyan AlJud Charity successfully held a conference today about the Libyan situation at the palace of westminster (grand committee room) supported by George Galloway MP (represented by brother Lee Jasper). Representatives from amnesty international, George Galloway MP, uk refugee council, Libyan Tribes, a Libyan Academic, peoples of Black Tawergha (Black Libyan town of 50,000 ppl near Mistrata which the death squads have literally turned into a ghost town) and the Syrian Social Club all made presentations with other organisations such as the IHRC, Conflict Resolution Centre from Bradford (a Congolese brother) & others were in attendance.

This conference is historic because it is the first conference I know of of this kind & nature to be held in the 'west' by anti-nato Libyans; it is historic as this is the first step, nearly 2 & half years after the fall of Muammar Gaddafi's government that Libyans have successfully organised a conference to represent their needs. Their needs being, which were addressed at the conference: an end to the rule of militias in Libya, the end to detention without trial & the torture of some 10,000 ppl in unregulated holding centres, an end to abductions, an end to the targeting of Tribes & Towns & peoples (such as migrant workers & dark-skinned/Black Libyans).

Congratulations to our Libyan family for organising this, one small humble but important step in putting Libya back on the political map of campaigning, solidarity & advocacy. Libya is an issue that too many vested interests & sheeple were prefer to go away, act like it doesnt exist, but those loyal to Libyan soil & peoples, those loyal to principles & ethics of unity against our common enemies will remain steadfast & constant until Libya is reunited on the lines of independence, peoples rights, and the control of the resources of Libyans for the Libyan peoples interests.

"A fuller report & pictures to follow soon.

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