Thursday, 14 November 2013


Egypt offers Russia to return to the USSR

[google translated from here, this is not some lunatic conspiracy type website, but respected sites from Russia]

At the end of last week in Moscow, a delegation of Egyptian politicians associated with the new military leadership. As they said, "b", in Cairo hopes that Russia will help Egypt to withstand the pressure of the United States, condemned the overthrow of President-Islamist, they recall most of the military aid. Cairo, in turn, promised to lobby Moscow's interests in the Middle East and even willing to host a "friendly Russian objects"

The second in a couple of months, the arrival in Moscow of Egyptian emissaries who call themselves public diplomacy aims, as reported by "b" in the delegation to "return to bilateral relations strategic - as it was in Soviet times." More mundane purpose of the visit - to prepare the ground for the upcoming talks in Cairo in the format of "two plus two" foreign ministers and the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov and Sergei Shoigu and their Egyptian counterparts and Nabil Fahmy Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi.

The delegation, which included members of the first after the "January Revolution" transitional government of Egypt, including representatives of the party of former air force commander Ahmed Shafiq, has held a series of meetings in Moscow, including negotiations with the Russian president's special envoy for the Middle East and Africa Mikhail Bogdanov and Mikhail Margelov.

Guests Russia offered to "return to the lead role in the Middle East." "Cairo appreciates that President Putin has supported the revolution on June 30," - said the "Y" member of the leadership of the party "Al-Istiqlal," Ahmed al-Fahd - though the president of the Russian Federation has never explicitly expressed support for the recent military coup in Egypt. "Russia has interests in the region, it needs a new friend and a strong ally. "Muslim Brotherhood" were in favor of armed jihad in Syria and Egypt but now fully supports Putin's position on this issue. We declare that the settlement must be political, and look forward to the conference "Geneva 2". Cairo is also in need of a good friend. We hope that Moscow will help us to resist the pressure that we are part of the West "- proved the" Y "future cooperation between the two countries of the former Egyptian Foreign Minister Mohammed al-Arabi.

U.S. in October announced a substantial reduction in annual military aid to Egypt, which was about $1.4 billion Cairo lost Apache helicopter delivery of more than $ 500 million, the party fighter F-16 anti-ship missiles and Harpoon, spare parts for tanks and financial aid by $ 250 million Although experts are skeptical about the possibility of a real strategic partnership between Moscow and Cairo , and even the Egyptians themselves recognize that they see no alternative to relations with the U.S., Russia to have some benefits can.

Egyptian interlocutors, "b" is not excluded that they are willing to discuss their appearance on the territory of the country "friendly Russian facilities." But the main topic of the negotiations "2 +2" in Cairo may be a supply of Russian weapons - Egyptian media are called in this context the amount of $ 4 billion in "Rosoboronexport" the size of future contracts do not comment, but confirmed interest in the repair of the old Soviet technology and sales of new weapons Egypt, who for the last several decades has worked in this field almost exclusively with the United States. The Russian side was mainly worried about the solvency of Cairo, but Moscow is ready to consider the possibility of providing credit.

However, as assured, "b" Egyptian interlocutors, Cairo in this matter forward more to help countries in the Persian Gulf (excluding supported the "Muslim Brotherhood" Qatar). Saudi Arabia to Egypt in the summer contributed $ 12 billion aid, and in October, has promised another $ 5 billion Maria b-Efimova

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