Thursday, 14 November 2013


I think this seems like to be the case. imperialism was wanting to neutralise the Palestinian 'problem' by giving west bank to a probable Muslim Brotherhood (sell-out hood) Jordan, and Gaza to sell-out hood controlled Egyptian Sinai. This plan on the Egyptian side has been sabotaged by the Egyptian Army. While the anti-imperialist Resistance in Syria has contributed to foiling these plans for Jordan.

Fatah leadership have obviously failed to develop the Palestinian liberation struggle, but its a shame but also true to say that Hamas have shown to be the most short sighted and foolish leadership to have visited upon the Palestinian leadership for many generations. I hope, with gentle pushing from Iran, Hizbullah, Assad and the BRICS, that the Palestinian struggle will re-affirm its path to anti-imperialist liberation struggle - Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm



A source revealed that Abu Mazen had warned the ousted President Mohammed Morsi that Israel was trying to end the Palestinian cause and to impose Gaza on Egypt through making the Palestinians in Gaza settle in the Sinai. "How many are those of Gaza?" Morsi allegedly asked Abu Mazen. "One million and half," Abu Mazen is reported to have answered. To which Morsi suggested that "We could take them in Shubra," according to the source.

The source added that, "It is becoming more evident day after day that it is Israel and the US that have arranged the rise of Hamas to power in the Gaza Strip," elaborating that at the time Abu Mazen had been considering postponing the elections for a while because he knew Fatah had little chance of winning, but he was faced with great US pressure and threats. Abbas was even surprised to see Israel allow East Jerusalem's Palestinians to vote, according to the source.

Abbas told the Egyptian journalists that he pointed out to Al-Sisi that by defending Egypt he is also defending Palestine. "People never realized how dangerous Hamas was until the Muslim Brotherhood fell in Egypt," Abbas added recalling his conversation with Al-Sisi. He alleged that the profits made out of the trade generated from the tunnels were so high that they resulted in the presence of 1,800 millionaires in Gaza; those millionaires, according to Abbas, smuggled everything through the tunnels – cigarettes, rockets, opium, and machines used for forging money.

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