Sunday, 20 October 2013


Hafsa Kara: " The Prophet (SAW)said: "The body should not be abused, the face should not be disfigured and it should be given a dignified burial."

- "Two years ago today, during the Nato led war on Libya, French helicopter gunships identified Gadaffi's convoy and stopped him leaving Sirte which had been flattened by planes since the beginning of the conflict in March 2011. (No figures for civilians killed were ever made public). The Libyan leader was consequently offered to a lynch mob. After killing him, the new and supposedly more civilised order, exposed his corpse for FIVE DAYS in a makeshift morgue where thousands queued up to witness the horrific scene. In violation of every human decent value, his remains were left to rot in full view of men, women and even children, garishly dressed up to witness the scene.

Swiss reporters present were throwing up and visitors had to wear masks to enter the cold room.
This depraved act clearly ushered in a new era for Libya. An era where lawlessness is rife, where women's rights have gone backwards, where Libya's black citizens are continuously the target of racist mobs, where the nation's sovereignty has all but disappeared and with two provinces now threatening with secession. Welcome to the NEW-WESTERN LIBERATED- LIBYA..we so didn't see this coming after the inspiring example that was Iraq."

Muammar Gaddafi never dies. He lives on in every man and woman and child who fights imperialism and white supremacy.

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Anonymous said...

We should never forget him. He was a great man for humanity and African people.