Thursday, 19 September 2013



EXCELLENT doc-film featuring the leader of the socialist-oriented anti-imperialist guerilla movement organised by the Malayan communists led by Chin Peng who is interviewed for the first time about it all. Interviews with the colonialists in Malaya and activists and leaders of the Revolution against the brits. The english white left's beloved clement atlee labour government was responsible for some of the most disgusting crimes against our people in Malaya. Chin Peng in the doc actually says he and his comrades were naive to think that the labour govt would have been any better, they werent, they became those who conducted the chopping off of our peoples limbs in Malaya, which resulted in an infamous painting of a english soldier holding the heads of two of our beloved Malayan people.

This was the Revolution which was one of the biggest threats to the brits in the post 2nd WW, and IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER, this movement directly threatened that wealth which the brits used to fund the welfare state, so you have a direct connection here between the welfare state which the brit left LOVE on a BASIS of colonialism coming into direct conflict with the interest of the peoples of the South, in this case the Asian peoples of Malaya (modern day Malaysia). The mass guerilla movement was a fundamental contributor to the independence of Malaysia.

When the english white left go on about "the spirit of 45", remember they are talking about a 'spirit' which was DIRECTLY based on the genocide against our peoples across the world. And it is this that the left are actually bemoaning, that their colonialism is weaker and hence taking away the crumbs colonialism threw at them as a result of the force of pressure of the victories of anti-imperialism and socialism across the world, esp in the USSR and Eastern European Socialist Countries.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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