Tuesday, 10 September 2013


By Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm

No surprises that there are some who seem to not fully understand the Russian role with Syria of the past several years. Bluntly speaking, without Russian backing for Syria, Syria would now have seen the fate of Libya, Somalia, Afghanistan and other countries that nato has destroyed, with the Syrian result being worse than these other countries.

The Russian proposal is an obvious delaying and sabotage tactic towards the imperialists intention to bomb Syria. It is also a way of putting the onus and burden on the yanks, instead of them trying to put it on us (Syria).

Putin/Russia has said openly that john kerry is a liar, has been blatant about the actual situation in Syria, has deployed his military to set up air defence AND STAFF IT, has sent his warships to protect Syria: these are major moves to defend Syria. However there are still some who are in the pro-Assad camp but who are come across fickle enough to attack the proposal for international monitoring of Syria's chem weapons stockpiles. These same people seem to forget that the Syrian leadership, FM Moallem and others, are IN AGREEMENT with this proposal and were obviously part of the discussions with the Russians that has led to the public suggestion of this proposal.

Is it a fantastic move? Of course no. It is a tactical move in the context of Syria about to being bombed, it is a move to delay things so we get our positions as best as possible in the case of a bombing. Also I think it is important for people to realise that Russia is NOT all powerful, it cannot do ANYTHING to 100% ensure that Syria is protected. We need another ten to fifteen years of military development especially of Russia and China to be able to really match and stop the imperialist war machine.

While some pro-Assad people are sniping at Russia for their friendship with Syria, the Syrian leadership themselves are very content for the most, and I think they are better placed to judge the relationship that a few facebook warriors who havent had to deal with any political diplomacy or alliance building in any real meaningful sense.

The Baathist and Patriotic Resistance in Syria has excellent relationships with Russia, and we for out part should understand all things are not perfect in real life between best friends, nor are they when it comes to situations where whole nations and regions fates are at stake. BUILD UNITY, not feed the imperialist and zionist disinformation and dividing campaigns. Study into these things, the more one understands, the more one can have a more effective approach in promoting the defence of our peoples against empire.

Here is President Assad on the issue: "If Russia were to seek a compromise, as you stipulated, this would have happened one or two years ago when the picture was blurred, even for some Russian officials. Today, the picture is crystal clear. A Russia that didn’t make a compromise back then, would not do so now."

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