Tuesday, 17 September 2013


[The racist reactions here]

Comment from Sister Bhavna:

Ridiculous and sexist they are, I agree with that and I usually never watch these things. And yes this issue is full of contradictions even from my own angle.

Not only this, but pageant winners also serve as a critical brainwashing tool in order to sell in advertising for corporate cosmetic companies (that's pretty much why they exist- to serve as brand ambassadors to sell products). In India, the reason why Miss India kept winning the world and universe pageants was because western cosmetic corporations were eyeing the Indian market as a huge untapped oasis of consumers to dump and sell their products.

Once the women of India saw all these European looking Indian women winning pageants, they started aspiring to be beautiful and "modern" like the beauty queens, as well as becoming models themselves- but in order to become models, they have to bleach themselves and buy all these products. That was the first huge experiment on an entire industry breaking through in India, and as women started feeling "liberated" through the use of all these cosmetics, it was very damaging especially for the darker skinned women, who in a country transforming into fashionista central, had no one to relate or look up to. In a world full of swords, do we craft our own sword? I don't know...

This sociological shift in India was perfectly mapped out by these companies, which sponsor these pageants. They know how to write the script of the next chapter of our country and people's history.

As far as Nina's win- since India has been so strongly brainwashed by those pageant wins for more than 2 decades now, it's refreshing on a superficial level to see a darker skinned sis to win- because as she is in the spotlight and gains face time, it serves to give confidence to those who are constantly attacked for looking like her (again, problematic- why do women need to gain self esteem from looking at a pageant winner and their brainwashing ads- but then again, that's the world we live in...).

This reminds me of the Obama presidency- a win on the surface, people weep and cry, but there's also a reason they are given a win. They are expected to carry out something in this system from their platform that others can't.

I know a pageant winner isn't the same as a president, but they represent a social kind of change. Obama is positioned at the top to start wars in Africa (Bush can only do so much), and Nina?

Who knows why she was given a win. Hopefully it's not to lead down a road of skin bleaching and "transformation"... just putting these possibilities out there

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