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Mao: The Godfather of the World Revolution
Sukant Chandan - Sons of Malcolm

The Godfather of 20th century anti-colonial national liberation and socialist movements and successes. I am not a supporter of the cultural revolution, and I do not worship this man and would not call myself a Maoist (I'm not even a Marxist) apart from pissing off the fools, however, credit where it is due.

His teachings based on his successful leadership of the Chinese Revolution which won out in 1949 was fundamental teachings for the Black Panthers, Revolutionary Action Movement and many many more Black Liberation Organisations, pretty much all the African and Asian liberation movements, Che Guevara leaned towards his leadership (as well as Kim Il Sung of Korea and Ho Chi Minh and Giap of Vietnam), and China arguably was fundamental to the rebellions of youth in the 'west' rejecting their parents loyalty to on-going imperialism (however this youthful rebellion was easily corrupted and co-opted back into the system).

Mao is the Don. No comp. His four volumes of writings, are absolute must read studies for all revolutionaries across the world.

Military writings

Political writings

[A brother on facebook comments to me:] Peace, Sukant Chandan. Two points: (1) Maoist thought may have been of CONSTRUCTIVE value YESTERDAY, but it's quite possible that it is NOT of constructive value today; (2) what does 'revolutionary' mean according to YOUR VIEW and is it ALWAYS a good thing to be 'revolutionary' if ever?

[I reply:] Peace bro. 'revolutionary' to me means in large part building the capacity of the resistant-victims of white imperialism in all fields of life and have a victory-oriented culture and strategy and vision in our quest to defeat white imperialism.

 I have to say, arguably without Mao, we would not be having these musings on overthrowing white supremacy/imperialism. I forgot to add, Robert F Williams of Negroes with Guns fame/notoriety, was also hugely influenced by Mao.

" (1) Maoist thought may have been of CONSTRUCTIVE value YESTERDAY, but it's quite possible that it is NOT of constructive value today"

No text by any thinker is WHOLLY and rigidly relevant to any specific challenge today nor should any text be dogmatically applied as such. So I agree in that sense.

However, the dynamics of struggle for the GlobalSouth that Mao synthesised, give important lessons to our struggles today.

As I argue, our challenges are the same, but with some tweaks and adjustments, to that of the struggle started in earnest by the successful revolution of Haiti in 1791 - ie., it is a struggle to achieve full independence from white supremacy/imperialism. The nature of the oppression has changed to some extent, the cultural aspects have changed, there are some strategic gains we have won: but the basic struggle and strategies remain the same, which are, imho, encapsulated best in Mao's piece 'New Democracy'.

He provided a basic blueprint for all GlobalSouth struggles, struggles which implemented his teaching ACCORDING TO THEIR OWN CONDITIONS, and which won many victories.

That all being said, like I said, I dont worship the man, and there are things in his writings which I am not wholly down with, but him, like us, are operating in our life in our contexts, and we are all shaped by coincidence and many other factors.

My main concern about Mao, as with Stalin and Lenin (who I hold in great esteem as towering figures of our world revolutionary traditions against white imperialism) are the way in which they navigated the obvious tensions of Marx's writings in relation to the GlobalSouth.

To be honest, I struggle with what exactly Lenin and Mao took from Marxism, as they flipped upside down much of Marxism's teachings, (although, despite their very eurocentric teachings and analysis, Marx and Engels did support many a struggle against imperialism - Irish, India, China - when today nearly NO wESTERN lefties would support the equivalent of today, which I would argue are things like Gadafi's resistance in 2011, Syria, Mugabe/Zim etc). They put the agency OUT of the hands of the western workers, INTO the hands of the Black and Brown masses.

This was not lost on our peoples, and electrified them into a MASSIVE further surge of revolutionary fervour and impetus, which has still not run out today. Indeed, we are the Grandchildren and Great-grandchildren of Mao's successes and leadership.

If we have anything to add to Mao, which there will be additional and corrective analyses, this has to be done, imho, with respect to those whose elephant footprints we walk in. And that's putting it lightly.

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