Wednesday, 25 September 2013



Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli pledged on Sunday to further advance the strategic partnership with Venezuela as Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro visited Beijing.

Since the strategic partnership for common development was established in 2001, the China-Venezuela relationship has entered a new period of development, Zhang said as he delivered a speech at the closing ceremony of the 12th meeting of the China-Venezuela High-Level Joint Commission.

The joint commission is an important mechanism for the Chinese and the Venezuelan governments to communicate and coordinate on cooperation in various fields.

Maduro, who is making a state visit to China from Saturday to Tuesday, also attended Sunday's closing ceremony. Zhang and Maduro held a meeting before attending the ceremony.

Maduro expressed the Venezuelan side's willingness to enhance the bilateral relationship and to boost reciprocal cooperation between the two countries.

China and Venezuela have become good friends with mutual trust and reciprocal partners, Zhang said at the speech, highlighting deepening political trust, expanding practical cooperation and mutual understanding and support on issues of core concern.

Zhang said that China's new leaders attach great importance to ties with Venezuela and look forward to increasing high-level interactions, expanding practical cooperation and enhancing communication and coordination with the country.

Hailing the important role of the China-Venezuela High-Level Joint Commission, Zhang said he hopes that the commission will make more contributions to the stable and healthy development of the bilateral relationship.

During the speech, the vice premier also called for concerted efforts of all countries to address the ongoing international financial crisis.

While briefing the audience on China's push for reform and opening up, Zhang said the Chinese economy is undergoing a key period of transformation and upgrade, adding that he is confident that all economic targets set for this year will be achieved as expected.

Some 300 officials and entrepreneurs from China and Venezuela attended Sunday's meeting.

The sustained and healthy development of the Chinese economy will generate positive spillover effects for the global economy, Zhang added.

During the meeting, the two sides signed a series of cooperation agreements on energy, agriculture and other sectors.

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