Thursday, 29 August 2013


My reading on Syria/ When will there be an imperialist attack?

Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

The Arab Sting is a historic and profound counter-revolution in which london, washington, paris used collaborationist forces and fools, and fools allowed themselves to be used for achieving gains for the long-time coalition of devils in the region - nato-gulfies-Ikhwan-takfiris - this Arab Sting momentum was sabotaged by three main things: 1st - lynching of yankee amb stevens by his former junior colleagues in the Libyan death squads in sept 2012; 2nd - victory of Hizbullah and Syrian Arab Army at Qusayr two months ago which started the beginning of the reversal of death squad/'rebel' advances, they have been since been getting driven into the ground, and 3rd - Scaf (the Egyptian Army) chopping Morsi/MB in Egypt which cut off that country from the main counter-revolutionary/pro-empire centre of the Ikhwan (the main organisation conducting regime change for nato) from the regional nonsense.

All of this compounded by the deepening crisis which imperialism is in, esp trying to clamber back the rise of the BRICS and the growing alliances of GlobalSouth countries with it, meant that imperialism has been forced to do something QUICK about its losing momentum and even the beginning of the reverse of the Arab Sting. This blatant SET-UP chemical weapons slur against the Syrian government was the cover for their actions.

HOWEVER!! What has made imperialism stop from a massive bombing campaign?? It has been the combination of the following: foremostly the Russians amassing their warships etc on the med coast off Syria; also the pro-Iran militias in Iraq saying they gonna dry the imperialists in Iraq if they bomb Syria, and then also Hizbullah who are threatening the white settler zionist state ('israel') with a military response too. This unity in militancy is way too much for imperialism to handle, and it has backed down from a rolling and massive campaign to a much more limited one. I mean, whats all this 'let the un inspectors make their report first' crap?! Did they allow ANY inspectors or investigation by the un on Libya? NO.

So I think there WILL BE an attack on Syria, but it will be limited, and our side (Russia, Hizbullah, Iran, Syria etc) will be hoping that it will be more bluster than actual strategic damage to our side in Syria, that our side will let Obama (who I think is the less militaristic side of the yankee ruling classes) save face from his "chemical weapons is a red line" rubbish, and continue on our trajectory of cleaning up the death squads loons in Syria. IF the imperialists go for a massive and really devastating attack on Syria, our side is ready to up our game and we ready to hit back in kind. But I have a feeling that imperialism wont risk that too much.

Time and time again, Russia has shown that if it threatens the imperialists directly (which it has been for over a year by moving its warships to Syria, and stating to the imperialists that the fall of Syria is something it just will not allow), imperialism more often than not is actually a coward ("paper tiger" as Mao called them), and cannot handle the heat if it is brought to their faces. I been arguing from 2003 - 2011 that imperialism is in the weakest position it has ever been and the GlobalSouth if it employed united military strategies could push it over into history reasonably soon, the Arab Sting put that back, and it remains to be seen if we can recover to the pre Arab Sting levels, and these coming weeks will determine that.

Final point, I cannot believe some in our circles are bitching on Russia and China. Our most effective friends will not be perfect, and they will dissapoint time and time again to some extent, but without them, you would see dozens more countries throughout the three Southern continents be turned into what Libya, Afghanistan, Somalia, DR Congo have become.

*Know your enemies, know your friends, know how to NAVIGATE towards unity our own contradictions in our own camp.*

So there WILL be imperialist strikes on Syria in the coming days, probably on sunday or monday at the earliest, but it remains to be seen the extent and outcome of which.

I of course have been wrong before, and I might be wrong again. None of us are perfectly on point about these things, but the main thing is to recognise reality as much as possible even if it flies in the face of what we think, to then adjust our analysis and proceed with greater insight etc.

For total victory to Syria-Russia-IRI-Hizbullah; for Scaf to join our battle on our side increasingly and ASAP; for the total defeat of the Arab Sting project and its backers in london, washington, paris and tel aviv, and the total defeat of imperialism and zionism!

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