Monday, 19 August 2013


By Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

The imperialist brokered peace treaty between Egypt and the white settler zionist state is a fundamental lynch pin of imperialist strategy in the region, imperialism is terrified that scaf (Egyptian army) will tear it up hence empire's wariness and nervousness in dealing with scaf, although they have slapped scaf by cancelling fighter jet deals, cancelled a joint military exercise and are sending Mr ford as ambassador, same guy who helped start-up the current Syrian death squad rebellion (Egyptians are very pissed off about this last issue).

imperialism knows very well that if it pushes scaf too hard, scaf will shift track and ally with China, Russia, Iran etc (remember scaf put the Iranian warship through the Suez days after Muburak's fall, a clear signal to the 'west' that they can go to war with the west if pushed too hard), hence empire trying to maintain a strategic relationship of sorts w scaf. Just cos blair is 'supporting' the 'coup' doesn't mean anything, we have to look at the STRATEGIC relationships between imperialism and the different political insitutions of the GlobalSouth, not momentary and surface stuff. blair supported the freedom of Mandela, doesn't make Mandela a pro-blair scumbag, blair went to kiss Gadafi's ass in the Libyan desert, doesn't stop making Gadafi an anti-imperialist, blair went to kiss up to Assad before, didn't make Assad a sell out. Etc etc. The west need China, doesn't mean they don't want to war with and destroy China. They do!

But this relationship is breaking down relatively fast, scaf is wildly popular in Egypt and increasingly more so as scaf tells western machinations to f*** off.

imperialism has used and Morsi/MB have allowed themselves to be used for imperialist interests to:

1, support empire regime change across the region, esp Syria (one of the first things scaf did when Morsi was chucked was to stop counter-revolutionary Syrians freeling without visa restrictions to come to Egypt for counter revolutionary training etc),

2, they were selling BILLIONS of *subsidies* for the poorest (gas and food mainly) to the imf, a subsidy that has somehow survived since when Nasser brought it in,

3, they have violently divided Egyptian society along religious lines in opening up the sectarian war against Shia, Christians etc by their alliance w the bonkers brigades (extremist maniacs using and abusing Islam).

Hence on EVERY level Morsi and the MB have shown themselves to be a deeply 'right wing' pro-imperialist force, and rightly so this needs to be smashed, just shame MB opportunistically used their street followers for their own selfish desires.

We will soon see scaf increasingly turn to the GlobalSouth to resist empire, and the Egyptian masses rally behind the Army. Egypt has Africa's biggest Army, the middle east's biggest Army must, in the imperialists mind, be smashed for imperialism to have a viable future in the region and across Africa and to disallow the GlobalSouth/Brics to ally with our peoples and countries. For the GlobalSouth, it is a case of unite or perish.

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