Sunday, 25 August 2013


Reflections on 'Muslim' Organisation's Collaboration with Empire
Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm

OK, so we have 'Muslim' organisations many of us have worked with in the post 911 period who are now *campaigning* for sanctions and military strikes against Syria and Egypt even, as they were and achieved in relation to Libya. I like many other people, Muslim and non-Muslim, worked with these forces in the post Second Intifada and post 911 period as we were keen to develop a unity in struggle AGAINST imperialism and zionism and for our collective Global liberation struggle against our common oppressors.

Many of us knew very well that these Muslim organisations had/have their organisational and ideological basis in the historic alliance with imperialism, whereby these orgs were being used and allowing themselves to be used against the actual liberation forces in the Muslim world. Nonetheless, inspiread by the Palestinian and Lebanese Hizbullah led 'National and Islamic Forces' of liberation against empire and zionism, whereby the 'Islamists' were united with revolutionary Nationalists and Socialists, we entered a working alliance with the hope that the historic compromised Islamist forces would develop their alliances and ideology more in harmony with a united front for liberation against our enemy.

Some amongst us, most notably Samir Amin, and also some closer to home warned us that these 'Islamist' forces were nothing but biding their time to reveal their deeply counter-revolutionary and anti-people nature. I worked with these forces for many years, and I can attest and bear witness to the fact that they were (not the pro-Hizbullah/IRI aligned forces, it has to be said) basically begging the white man to 'trust' them to rule over the masses in the region. For example, I could name names of Ikhwan people in london who were and are leaders of the Palestine and 'anti-war' movement were begging that raping scumbag robert/bob lambert when he was head of anti-terrorism police in london and when he was fronting as an academic. they were clearly trying to ingratiate themselves into the hearts and minds of the enemy. )The last several years shows us, they succeeded.) Interestingly, it was the white supremacist lefties and liberals in the Palestine and anti-war movements that have mutually scratched these collaborationist 'Muslim' forces for the decade or so, which shows clearly they are both loyal to empire, fear the actual and successful liberation forces in the world (when the white left arent patronising the latin Americans cos they like the alcohol and women in that region) and will use each other to promote each others sordid relationship with empire.

However, despite the criticisms, warnings and concerns of some, myself and others wanted to give these forces a chance in our working relationship together, I thought we were fighting imperialism together in relation to Palestine, Iraq, Lebanon etc, looking back it is VERY clear that these forces only got involved in these subjects to promote their own opportunistic agendas, although no doubt their rank and file, despite their sectarian reflexes, had sincere hatred for our enemy and wanted liberation.

Everything unravelled by the start of the Arab Sting, when people were losing their minds and allying with the most anti-people and anti-revolutionary forces in the region, ie., Qatar and the Gulf monarchies who were promoting this Arab Sting like maniacs through al-jazeero etc. By the time of Libya and Syria, everything became crystal clear with forces from Ikhwan/MB through to HT through to Salafis and pro-Qaeda types jumped openly back into bed with nato to conduct lynchings of Blacks, Shia, Sufis, Christians, Patriots and innocents through their depraved brigandage and rape of our communities and nations.

Some people, especially our Muslim brothers and sisters are clearly struggling with the fact that these forces are lock stock part of the ACTIVE and LIVE AND EMPIRE VANGUARD imperialist strategy for destruction ('scorched earth') against the Homelands. But things could not be clearer, these forces ARE the imperialist death squads, and the fact that they have a mass following of around 20% of some country's populations should not blind us to what they are, EVERY liberation struggle in the world has seen populations split when in historical processes of resistance etc, its not unusual to see some populations splits nearly 50-50 in civil wars and revolutions etc (northern Ireland on our doorstep is just one example, does it mean we should not have supported the Irish Liberation and Republican Movement? Of course those of us who did were right to do so), so this is not reason not to take a clear stand against this.

These forces have come full circle, from being backed, given life and promoted by empire about a century ago, they are now openly back into bed with each other. We have people all around us in Brown skin advocating actively for imperialist sanctions and war against our Homelands, DESPITE the now near clichéd lessons of the bullshit 'chemical weapons' empire trojan horse and sanctions and invasion of Iraq. These people are too far gone in collaboration with our enemies. Their leaderships strategy MUST be smashed. This is a time to draw lines in the sand and confront the challenges of the battle that now lie ahead of that. The sake of the international struggle against imperialist and white supremacy is at stake.

We must expose, isolate and support all forces that are smashing these forces, esp the Syrian govt, Hizbullah etc and even, more problematically but just as importantly the Egyptian Army which is conducting a massive blow to empire plans on teh region especially focused on Syria, Syria being the vanguard of the region defending our peoples against empire and zionism. The last several years has taught us that this is not a time for ditherers, for those who are compromised for whatever reason, its not a time for cowards and fickle types, its a time to battle on al fronts that is appropriate to different people to fight until the finish. Will we win this battle and defeat empire? That remains to be seen and dependant frankly on the GlobalSouth capacity and will to unite and develop mutual military self defence pacts and to point more nukes at western capitals (no to use them, but for self defence). 

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