Sunday, 25 August 2013


From Stafford Scott's facebook

It's ironic that I've trawled FB & my FB 'friends' yet see very little outcry about the murder of this beautiful young woman, Sabrina Moss.

Had she been killed by the police people would've been posting shit like crazy!

But, Sabrina Moss gets killed by some low life from the, so called, hood and people go quiet! WTF is this about?

As we near the anniversary of MLK's "I have a dream" speech, I think we need to consider exactly what his words meant.

He did NOT mean that he wanted the white folk to stop killing us so that black folk could kill us. He WASN'T demanding THAT kind of 'EQUALITY'.

I am sick and tired of this! Sick and tired of seeing the damage that the act of one FOOL wreaks on a family.

Sick & tired of the lack of response from our community. Sick and tired to know that these scumbags, who can kill a young woman for fuck all, can then come and hang out in the community like them ah bad man.

What's fucking bad in shooting an unarmed WOMAN or another youth? It's not bad! It's bullying, it's terrorism, it's fucked up and it's got to be STOPPED!

So here's a little challenge to ALL the BLACK men who come in FB and talk RADICAL!

Here's a real chance to do something RADICAL! How about we come together and say "No fucking MORE! Not another DROP! NOT another life! Not in OUR name!" Who is READY to stand up for OUR community now?


"I HEAR you brother! We have too many 'boys/men/youth' who are merciless and careless and we must wonder where are the men who were supposed to bring them up as decent people! Adult Black men need to be forming a protective shield around the community: Zero tolerance for violence against each other, zero tolerance for rape and abuse of women, zero tolerance for drug dealing. We need them to monitor and clean our neighborhoods from these scums, dead weight, self destructive and criminally minded! The African village concept is dead but we are unable to replace it with anything else that promotes respect, peace and brotherhood in our community. It is heartbreaking! Who do we fight? The racist police and state or these sick elements in our own community? I don't know...... May Corrine rest in peace. Did she leave any children behind? My condolences to her family."


"We are our worst enemy, the police or the other racist agency out there doesn't need to lift a finger to eliminate us, we are doing good all by ourselves. Self hate. Bleaching, lack of self respect. Respect is to be able to brag that you just come out a jail, and you just bore a man who you greet as blood joke, only fools go to jai, the older men are not helping to ensure that the youths change their mind set they're grooming them."


"As I said a few days ago how we can tolerate a situation in our communities where we have parents burying their children?. For those of us who profess to be youth workers/community workers - we are losing the battle on the streets. RIP Sabrina Moss, Ajmol Alom and Lamarni Hylton-Reid"


"I was at work so l just manage to hear little bits.Yes Mr Scott its a dam shame that these little fools are running around playing cowboys and indians with each others life, it really makes me sick. But what you going to do? I know this is going to make a lot of people upset, but all the excuses from mothers and father saying " when their on street we dont know what their doing". Its time to know cause its getting serious. We got to all watch our own individual kids and thats where it starts at home."

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