Friday, 19 July 2013


As imperialism goes into deeper crisis on all levels, and at the same time as the GlobalSouth (BRICS etc) rise and slowly put into the ground imperialism historically, imperialism seeks to either dominate totally or destroy totally. This is the same for the MENA region, with its total destruction starting with destroying the biggest most formidable Arab army since 1990 - Iraq.

Egypt is the most populous country in the region, and has the biggest army that has strategic control of a large economy too. This, despite relations with imperialism, is a major problem for imperialism. The concept to understand in regards to this is SCORCHED EARTH POLICY, or as Dan Glazebrook and I analyse - *not* divide and conquer, but divide and ruin. It is scorched earth policy because basically if imperialism cannot totally dominate and control, they will in no way allow the GlobalSouth formations (BRICS etc) to take over relations with these countries, so its better to totally scorch and neutralise Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Syria, DRC etc than allow the new GlobalSouth led world to emerge.

Hence, the Arab Sting is a Scorched Earth strategic policy for imperilaism, it was designed and rolled out to bring to ruin ANY *actual* potential for former states who despite strategic compromises with imperialism (Tunisia and Egypt) or resistance Globalsouth states (Libya and Syria) were going to pose a leading role in developing relations with the GlobalSouth.

Whereas brother Roshan Muhammed Salih calls for a national unity between the forces at loggerheads in Egypt, he perhaps does not figure in his analysis that ALL the political forces at play in Egypt are playing the roles assigned and encouraged to them by imperialism itself, ie., as Gaddafi said way back in July 2011, they have no viable plan to defend and protect the nation. What we are witnessing in the MENA region (except for Algeria, Baathist Syria and Lebanese Hizbullah, and Sudan to a lesser extent) is the total collapse of viable projects to self defence, unity, ie., no program for stability and people-centred development, but playing the foolish role in self destruction to which only zionism and imperialism benefits. What is needed is a new generation Revolutionary leadership that takes up where Gaddafi, Arafat, Boumidienne, Nasser, Wadi haddad and others left off. There is NO sign to that for the time being, rather the opposite is developing.

In conclusion, despite the problematics and contradictions of the situation, the only viable force in Egypt that can maintain Egypt as a viable existence based on being able to organise the country in a relatively peaceful manner is SCAF, ie the Army. imperialism knows this, and is playing all sides to smash Egypt as a unitary entity. The Muslim Sell-out-hood and allied nuttery groups (salafis etc), AND the liberal opposition are playing the role nicely in imperialism's interests. People should clearly recognise how much of a cancerous and profoundly evil force the Muslim sell-out-hood and other groups using and abusing Islam and incubated by imperialism they are. See the Tunisian and Turkish ambassadors were rightly called by SCAF for interference on behalf of imperialism in Egyptian affairs in recent days.

I wish the people of Egypt all the best in developing a new Revolutionary force in alliance with the Army which is still seen and respected by most Egyptians as the best institution for their own interests and that of the GlobalSouth; that the Army STILL has a tradition of fighting imperialism and zionism and this is not totally exhausted; that the Army is still the biggest maintainer to the Egyptian economy. This situation is terrible, and it is far from ideal to call for the support for SCAF, but that is the last barrier left for imperialism before the total destruction of Egypt in this historical phase.

Gamal Abdel Nasser must be reborn in another form for the challenges of these times. Who knows, perhaps like the Free Officers revolution of Nasser before, and Gaddafi we might see another such force from SCAF emerge. One thing is sure: imperialism will destroy all in Egypt and EVERYWHERE before allowing the GlobalSouth to develop.

I am not online for another week, and I leave you with Gaddafi's far sighted comments in July 2011 on Egypt, Gaddafi, as with so many things, was way way ahead of most of our leadership across the world. Its indicative of the rank backwardness of so many that his pioneering leadership and accomplishments were thrown in such a disgusting manner into history. The legacy lives on, although the great fear is that the Arab world will see its own total destruction/self destruction before it will ever stand on one foot again.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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