Sunday, 23 June 2013


Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm :

Brazil, thanks to the ascendance of Lula and Dilma nad the ruling Workers Party has played a protector role in defence of Chavez/Maduro in Venezuela and as the biggest state in the region has defended Cuba, Ecuador and everyone else; is lock stock in the most important bloc against white imperialism which is the BRICS, and they have lifted around 50 million people out of poverty, but many challenges remain such as on going police brutality, white supremacy/racism, and massive inequality which are all inherited by the PT/Lula/Dilma and allied movements from centuries of injustice. Therefore Brazil has BIG ENEMIES in the pro-empire middle classes and empire itself.

So a PART of the protests are the middle classes but also other sections of the masses. President Dilma has essentially welcomed the protests, say they have legitimate demands, but she and vast swathes of the protestors have opposed the vandalism and attacks against government buildings etc. We all know who are the forces that will encourage attacks on the government, they are the same forces that encouraged the anti-Chavez mass protests in Venezuela and Bolivia etc.

HOWEVER, I think what we are seeing are disparate political forces, one section of the protests have legtimate demands and are open to negotiation with Pres Dilma, and this is a GOOD THING. BUT the *DANGER* is that these protests are also obviously being used by empire-liberal elements such as those who have been and are involved in the Arab Sting. So there are many dangers here, but also potential openings for continuing anti-imperialist and pro-working masses developments. Things are in flux. Vigilance as ever.


BRAZIL... **DANGERS**!: After some more research and private discussions with a few brothers and sisters, it seems clear to me that was it developing (hope it doesnt cotinue to escalate) is a show down on the streets between the defenders of the gains of the Workers Party (presidents Lula and Dilma and allied orgs etc) and the right wing middle and upper class pro-empire forces .. things are pointing to a violent street showdown with the forces of the right provocating the liberation forces. Major dangers here. All my best to the Workers Party, President Dilma Roussef and their allied peoples and organisations. We need peace on the streets, but if the enemy wants to provocate and escalate, there is only one thing to do: smash them without mercy. But this MUST be avoided for the time being. the collapse of peace is what our enemies want, but if they bring it, we must end it.

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