Thursday, 27 June 2013


Shia-hating, brit state-loving, zionist collaborating visitor from saudi Arabia in england

Currently the british authorities have very kindly allowed a person from saudi Arabia into england. His name is Mohamed Arifi, he is basically a political figure who uses and abuses religion to promote his particular brand of collaboration with the white settler zionist state and promotes the west's agenda in Syria by calling on his followers (he has five million followers on twitter) to conduct terrorism and bloodshed in Syria.

Moazzam Begg and Asim Qureshi of cageprisoners welcomed this person in england with Qureshi stating on his facbook that Arifi has a "deep concern for justice".

What is this concern for justice that Arifi has? He states that Muslims should conduct armed actions in Syria, but that with israel peace must be maintained: "'Some of the brothers have asked us about waging war inside Israel - we say to them, Jihad is not allowed in countries where there is peace - such as Saudi Arabia, Israel and Qatar... " (source)

On visiting england, the oldest and most bloodiest of colonial/neo-colonial powers, Arifi is quoted here: "“one of the most just countries in Europe towards Muslims” and described Britons as “pleasant, polite and respectful towards all religions” and that he was impressed with their “pleasant treatment and development”."

This situation should be seen very clearly to all: here is a person who abuses a religion to promote collaboration with israel, promotes violence in Syria, calls Shia "treasonous villains", and is welcomed by people like Begg and Qureshi who parade themselves as human rights activists when actually they are strategically in alignment with the british state.

Begg has visited criminal armed gangs and death squads openly in Aleppo in Syria twice now. Imagine if he visited anti-imperialist revolutionaries anywhere in the world, the brits would have locked him up, but they turn a blind eye and de facto accept and promote his work - btw, I am not asking Begg to be arrested by the brits, just pointing out the madness of this situation whereby this is going on, as well as the situation whereby Begg supports the lynchers of Blacks and patriots in Libya, was silent (defacto supporting) the nato bombing there, and we kept getting told by white empire liberals that Begg and his colleagues are into human rights?

Begg and cageprisoners are not in the business of human rights, if they were they would call for justice for those tens of thousands of people in Libya who are in unregulated dungeons, dungeons organised by Begg's colleague in Libya Mr Belhaj who fought for nato to kill Libyans and conduct regime change. If they did believe in human rights they would have opposed and organised against the nato bombing of Libya and opposed the lynching of Black people in Libya.

There is much here that needs to be discussed, reflected on and grappled with. For the time being, asking these questions is often met with silence, the white liberal - death squad alliance wants to shut down all such debate. Indeed, despite repeated attempts by myself at trying to discuss this in public with cageprisoners, Begg and Qureshi, they have made it clear that they want to avoid and perhaps fear this debate at all costs.

However, there are are growing number of people who oppose british imperialism in Syria and Libya and elsewhere, who do not want to see the emergence of violent sectarianism promoted by imperialism and its helpers such as Arifi, and who do want to raise the voices and concerns in regards to this.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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