Monday, 10 June 2013


Reflections on Turkey by Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

I have been thinking about this, and have still to do some research on it, but a few thoughts: While I am ofcourse rather smug about Erdogan getting a kicking in the last week or so due to his collaboration with empire against esp Libya and Syria, and while instability in Turkey helps in some ways the Resistance of Syria/China/Russia/Hizbullah/DPRK in Syria against empire's mad dogs, a few things I have learnt from the Arab Sting make me think:

1, its better to hold onto what we have in relation to our life and struggle against empire rather than trading it for something worse (a la Egypt, Tunisia, and of course Libya and hopefully not Syria),

2, Again, from the Arab Sting especially, it is crucially important to ask WHO are the main strategic forces at play in this mess, and it seems to me it is the secular republican opposition for the most part who are just as pro-nato as Erdogan/AKP the only different being that Erdogan/AKP use and abuse Islam, and the opposition dont.

3, empire is creating destabilisation everywhere against actual and potential threats to their hegemony (world control) as stability breeds country-building and multilateral and multipolar-world building with the anti-imperialist juggernauts of BRICS etc. Turkey is a massive potential threat to empire, with a sizeable revolutionary and anti-imperialist population (although not big enough to take the leadership of these protests it seems to me) and empire has used Turkey and Erdogan has allowed Turkey to be used for things that have ONLY benefited empire, with empire now seemingly ready to throw Erdogan away now that he has outplayed his usefulness, or at least destabilising Turkey to facilitate greater empire plans. I think the way the yanks and the eu have been slapping Erdogan's hands are indicative of this.

Still many questions to all this which I am not sure are very clear to people now, and I think perhaps some people including amongst the anti-imperialist and anti-white power structure camps are falling into the same mistake we made with the start of the Arab Sting, ie., not thoroughly enough or not at all making some serious analysis from a POV from our own strategic objectives. Let me make it clear, I am NOT supporting Erdogan, I dont care for him at all, he deserves to be tried and shot for his collaboration with nato, but at the same time I am not sure the result of all this IN THE ABSENCE OF PROPER REVOLUTIONARY FORCES AND LEADERSHIP is going to benefit anyone but empire.

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