Sunday, 16 June 2013


By Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

will the yanks and brits invade Syria? I am not sure, and as ever, our side in the GlobalSouth should make maximum and break neck speed military preparations as long as imperialism exists. However, here are a few thoughts:

brits and euros havent got the military muscle to destroy countries, so they need the yanks to do their donkey work for them, they did this in Libya which led to major splits in nato (yanks and brits at high government and military levels were shouting at each other openly in the media etc), they were being defeated by Gaddafi's army, but decided to push hardest and take over tripoli, similar danger now with Syria after Quasair.

Why havent the yanks gone into Syria already? For a number of reasons, primarily they dont want another post-1991/post-2003 Iraq where their troops are bogged down so the rest of the GlobalSouth can rise in relative peace, as did south America, China, Russia, Asia and Africa while the empire was bogged down for several years post 2003 in Iraq.

yanks dont wanna get bogged down in Syria cos they have more important fish to fry frankly, as evidenced in their open "pivot to Asia", bogged down in Syria will self-sabotage their war plans in Asia, primarily against China but targeting ALL Asia.

yanks know that sending their troops into Syria would be an open military fight between imperialism and the collected forces of the leading resistant GlobalSouth, ie., they dont want to fight Hizbullah as they know Hizbullah are effective and are dreaming for a chance to fry the yanks as they did in the early 1980s in Lebanon and is ready to start battles of liberation against the white settler zionist state.

Iran is ready to launch defensive liberation war in the Gulf also, and Russians are manning the air defence systems and the Russian and DPRK/north Koreans have most likely got other people to fly fighter jets etc in Syria. MEANING - yanks arent sure they can even win an intense military fight in Syria.

HOWEVER, the yanks as well as collective white imperialism cannot afford NOT to destroy independent and resistant Syria, they in no way can afford to let Assad and his allies win in Syria, which looks like is going to happen now (please please Assad clean up and kill ALL the death squad scum), this is a defeat for empire that the latter just cannot tolerate as it means a historic speed up of their demise in human history.

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