Tuesday, 11 June 2013


nick griffin in Syria, the the Problematics of white supremacist infiltration

Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm
11 June 2013

Why is the leader of england's main far right party - the 'british national party' - visiting the Syrian government? This has to be understood on a number of levels. Before going into that, obviously the pro-nato and nato death squad haters against Assad and Syria have been trying to milk this griffin visit to Syria for all they can. But it is total nonsense, as while I have no problem saying that it has been a mistake of the Syrians to have anything to do with the likes of griffin, the same people trying to make political capital out of griffin's visit are silent or champion nato's agents going into Syria for the last three years. Yes, a dumb-assed far right idiot like griffin's visit to Syria is objectionable, but it pales against nato developing this massive campaign against Syria for the past several years.

Back to the issue that we face as to understanding the roots of why griffin has gone to Syria, first and foremostly there is a deeply problematic phenomenon whereby struggles against neo-colonialism are seeing increasing amounts of far right infiltrators. alex jones is a case in point. He is a pro-white militia type based in the usa who has managed to create a sizeable following in his fake opposition to the usa government.

I say fake, as it is no opposition at all to the white power structure of the usa. What people like jones have a problem with is that they perceive that their own brand of yankee middle class white supremacism is threatened by 'big government', and really the roots of this protest is also linked to the fact that the usa is seeing increasing number of non-white people, and also Black and Brown people in the form of the BRICS and other GlobalSouth formations taking increasing albeit gradual strategic control of the world.

I personally have had many a discussion that has not gone too far with some of those well known in pro-Syrian government activists circles who have vehemently defended the Chavez-hating, hardly veiled racism of alex jones. This same activist was adamant also that the Syrian people were not a part of the Global struggle against white supremacy/white imperialism, but were actually a white people!

Now, I can understand that some of our GlobalSouth brown people of the lighter skinned areas of the GlobalSouth perceive themselves as 'white' in some extents, which is different and less problematic than european imperialist promotion of white supremacy, however, this activist grew up in an imperialist country and clearly was defending the 'whiteness' of the Syrian people against me pushing this activist to reflect on her flirting so closely with white supremacists like jones. This same activist even called our Syrian sisters being organised into the Syrian Arab Army and Militias as "minute-women", ie., named after one of the most notorious and fascistic white militias in the usa whose activity was hunting Black and Brown people for to be killed.

I have even discussed with a well-known pro-Palestine activist that perhaps he shouldnt be promoting the former grand wizard of the kkk - david duke - in our ranks either!

The main reason we have a situation whereby GlobalSouth struggles are so easily infiltrated is at root down to the fact that despite all the advances of the GlobalSouth struggle against imperialism, on an ideological level we still have no recovered from our historic defeat at the end of the 1980s circa 1990/1991 which is at the same time the historic temporary victory of imperialism when they smashed our bastions of anti-imperialist struggle based in the Socialist Eastern Bloc and Soviet Union.

nick griffin has been known in the past to have flirted with the Libyan Jamahriya of Muammar Gaddafi.  griffing ideologically comes from the 'third positionist' far right white supremacist tradition who talk a lot of rhetoric against capitalism and even imperialism, something which is echoed by the alex jones type of nonsense. Furthermore, while they generally hate Black and Brown people within england (or whatever imperialist country they happen to based in) they make out that they support GlobalSouth 'nationalist' struggles against imperialism. All this is posturing, similar to that of the death squads who use abd abuse Islam in their supposed 'fight' against the 'west', similar in that both trends think they are fighting the west when in actual fact nearly everything they do is in the service of imperialist interests.

There are a few other factors that make this dynamic that much more challenging. From a slightly uninformed position of some of our GlobalSouth resistant countries especially since 1991 they see little to no support from people within the imperialist countries, whereas you have a established far right which sees to make links with our countries. Take for example the nato war on Libya, how many people in england in left and left-liberal circles, leading activists and politicians who are in the pro-Palestine and anti-war circles bothered to go on peace delegations or anti-nato delegations to Libya? None. The only people who went there was organised in part by this author, the Libyans and a tiny amount of activists.

So from the point of view of the Libyans who were in a life and death struggle against nato and their death squads, it made sense to welcome anyone who seemingly were on their side, when actually the situation is not quite that.

The same goes for Syria. How many people from the usual anti-war circles have gone to Syria in the last near three years? None. People may want to reflect why on earth the so-called english stop the war coalition cannot do the absolute basic work of sending peace delegations to countries who are in the corss hairs or actually are being attacked by nato and their own governments.

Furthermore, there is an issue whereby some of our peoples ideologies in the GlobalSouth, in terms of national pride in the face of imperialist genocidal policies see in the ideology of the far right with its bombastic nationalism in an imperialist country as having some kind of affinity, when the basic mutually exclusive relationship of 'third world nationalism' and imperialist far right white nationalism is clear to some of us. Furthermore, it has to be admitted that the ideology of Baathism [Baathism is a kind of Arab Nationalist Socialism] can leave some space open to notions of 'racial' and 'linguistic' nationalism, where 'race' does not exist and is manufactured by the white supremacists of european imperialism. This is a complex issue, and I am not raising this problematic to denounce Baathism, but to honestly state where perhaps some of our GlobalSouth ideologies need some more reflection as to how they relate to our regions and peoples and the problems from which arise.

Interestingly, the far right white nationalists of the type of griffin have had little to nothing to do with Black African national struggles. This is perhaps due to the fact that Black African struggles have directed their revolutionary blows at white settler states that these far right types feel too close an affinity with. But also it is not an unreasonable proposition that the intelligence services of england and other imperialist countries are happy that griffin goes to Syria due to the problems that we anti-imperialists face as a result in that we are then associated with our enemies of the type of the far right white nationalists.

In conclusion, it is high time that those in anti-imperialist and anti-white supremacist circles who take the correct position of supporting Syria, Libya and others against imperialism challenge those who are allowing these white nationalist fools into our circles. Furthermore, it is imperative as well as that to develop our own liberation analysis and ideologies that are relevant and developed to serve the liberation of our peoples, regions and Global struggle to free humanity of racism and exploitation.

PS: And the one good thing that the nato death squads could do in Syria is to set their targets on griffin.

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